*This is a collaborative post.


Do you dream of having a spacious, relaxing, spa-like bathroom? Ever wish it could be clean, minimal and clinical, but you know it has to cater to the rest of your family? So many families have this situation.

Don’t worry, there is a multitude of great designs and styles that can help make the perfect family-friendly bathroom. Overall, you want a bathroom design that creates both a space for the children, yet one that transforms into a relaxing haven when you get some time to yourself.

It doesn’t have to be too difficult to transform your bathroom into a family-friendly room. You don’t necessarily have to look at re-tiling or adding in a new sink to accommodate the juniors. We all know that can be rather costly. The basics are slightly more obvious and include adding a splash of colour to break up any clinical looking themes and hanging kid-height hooks for towels and bathrobes. But these are just two little ideas! There are so many more do’s and don’ts to get the balance right.

So how can you use the bathroom as one happy family? See below for five key ideas to make your adult bathroom more appealing and functional for the whole family.

1. Invest in a step stool

A very simple little trick is to get a step stool to keep in your bathroom. Bathroom sinks are typically too high for toddlers or young children to reach, but a step stool solves the problem. These can be folded up and propped up against the wall without causing too much ‘fuss’, as they tend to be slim and lightweight.

A step stool gives smaller children access to brush their teeth and use the sink, along with letting the child feel like the adult bathroom is finally part of his or her world. Try to choose a step stool that fits with the colour scheme of the bathroom, so it blends in and sits well.

2. Embrace splashes of colour – tastefully

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to colour in a shared adult and child bathroom, and that is to keep it as muted as possible. Yes, children gravitate towards bright, fun colours, but you have to be practical. A bright yellow and hot pink colour splashed bathroom is never going to work!

Your goal is to create a fun and interesting room for your kids, but one that also feels relaxing to you. A good way to look at it is to think about when a stranger walks into your bathroom, they should see a cohesive style that is stylish an grown up, but has a touch of practicality for children. You could also consider updating your bathroom suite to reflect a fresh and modern feel.

Look at painting your bathroom in pastel/pale hues, and paint features in different shades. You can do this by painting the cabinets in a brighter hue, or even a feature wall itself. Pale blue and lemon seem to work well for the whole family.

3. Stay neutral around your shower or bath

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of buying a novelty, children’s themed shower curtain to keep little ones happy. However, if your tub requires a shower curtain, remember it’s probably one of the most prominent features in your bathroom. A child-inspired shower curtain will tend to take over the entire space. Instead, look for a neutral colour palette that will coordinate with all the other elements in the room, and stick to subtle stripes or minimal patterns.

4. Focus on the small accessories

Young tots like to feel involved in their parents’ world, but they also take great pleasure in small details crafted just for them. Make sure your bathroom has the right balance of child-friendly accessories, along with the grown-up theme. For this, try giving your kids a separate toothbrush holder for their toothbrushes. Select a toothbrush holder with personal details or a favourite theme, and why not even add fun shaped sponges to the bath?

A range of themed bath toys kept in ‘the children’s corner’ of the bathroom is a great way of incorporating things they need, yet avoiding the bathroom being taken over by children’s toys.

5. Have fun with soap and bubbles!

Kids love bubbles, textures and colours. To make bathtime fun, yet also easy to clear up and clutter-free, look at keeping a range of brightly coloured, foaming bath bubbles to entice the children into enjoying bath time.

Keep a bold, fruity smelling children’s soap sitting alongside any adult skincare products, so the children know they have their own products, yet sit aside the adults almost as if they are grown up.

6. Use a colourful bath mat

A bright bath rug can be a fun design element that can be changed out regularly. You don’t always have to keep it there as a permanent fixture – you can lay it down just before the kid’s bath time, and then hide it away when it’s time for yours.

Vivid bright colours and fun shapes and sizes give you the chance to ‘jazz up’ bathroom times with the kids, without having to dedicate the room to permanent bright colours.

Remember, balance is key. Minimise having to re-work the bathroom in the years to follow by investing in removable items and accessories. Keep the permanent items – such as tiles, cabinets and shower curtains – as classic as possible!