*This is a collaborative post. 


Over the past few months my husband and I have spent some time redecorating our home. We bought our house around seven years ago and to be honest, we haven’t done any work on it. Up until now, we were never sure whether we would stay put or not. There was always a nugget of doubt at the back of our minds. We just couldn’t be sure that this would be our forever home. When we first moved in we knew that we would want a family and we couldn’t make our minds up if this one would be big enough.

Since we got married and had children though, we have really settled in these four walls. After seven years of living here, we decided that we have made so many wonderful memories in this house. It’s in a lovely quiet village too, the ideal environment to bring our girls up in. One day we woke up and we both decided that here is where we will stay. We would put down our roots permanently and really make this house the perfect home for us. We want to grow old in this house so now is the time to get it right and enjoy it.

Now that Hubs has decorated our rooms, we’ve moved onto putting the finishing touches to the whole thing. These are the bits that really pull the room together and give it that beautiful completed look. Next on our list is finding the right lighting for all of our downstairs rooms. We had been searching for a design light shop for some time and then we came across Lighting Designer Paula Arntzen!


Designer lighting –

Paula Arntzen specialises in designer lighting, she designs the perfect lighting for individuals and business. She works with her clients every step of the way and makes sure that they get the lighting that is just right for their home. Looking through the Studio Arntzen site, I knew that I just had to have some of those designs in our humble abode.



My husband and I like different kinds of lighting for different places in the home. In the kitchen for example, I like it be really bright. However in the living area, we like more homely lighting. Our living area is for relaxing so something that’s too bright just wouldn’t work. The beauty of working with Studio Arntzen surrounding our lighting needs, is that they take every requirement into consideration. So there’s something on their site for every person and every need!



Having made do with simple lighting for quite some time, finally finding lighting that we love has been such a good feeling. I know that in a short time our home will have been completely transformed, it’s almost unrecognisable at this stage. I’m so pleased to have found Studio Arntzen. I know that as we work the way through the rest of our home, this will be our first port of call when it comes to lighting!