*This is a collaborative post. 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that we’ve working on turning our house into our forever home. We weren’t always sure we were going to stay here, but after searching the market for new properties we realised how much we love our little palace. After many months renovating each room, we’ve finally gotten around the the last one. The living room!

We like a neutral colour scheme, brightened up with colourful accessories. I love hard floors too, I think they look fabulous and are much easier to clean! For that reason, Laminate Flooring is an absolute must. I do like a small carpeted area too, for the kids to play with their toys on. So a rug is also on my shopping list.

White walls and dark floors –

After doing a little research into decor themes, I came across a beautiful image of a room with perfectly white wall and a dark floor. I loved the look immediately and knew that’s what I wanted our space to look like. It looked elegant and fresh, the ideal combination to make our house feel like a home!


Rugs with attitude –

As I said earlier on, I do love to have a small carpet in the room. I think they make it feel cosy and it gives the kids somewhere to sit when they have their toys out. I love the really bright coloured rugs, ones that are a real statement piece. We’ve decided to go for a red theme, so I’m on the lookout for chunky red rugs to die for!


Picture perfect pieces –

There’s nothing that make a house a home, more than filling it with photos of the family. Ever since we had children, I’ve struggled to find the space to fit all of the images I want to show off to the world. In our new living room, we have decided to use a collage of picture frames, instead of spaced out individual frames. That way we can show off more than one photo and we won’t run out of space too soon. Our girls still have a lot of growing to do and I intend to take snapshots of every moment!


Now that we have a plan, all we need to do is get decorating! My husband is very handy and is able to do the work himself, which leaves extra cash behind to really make the room look special. Since we are going to be in this house for many more years to come, we want to get it just right!