*This post was written in collaboration with Holiday Gems.


Of all of the holidays we go on, there are just some that really stick in ours minds. We’ve all had those breaks where we feel so much happiness and contentment, like we never want to go home. Those destinations that find a place in our hearts and where we create memories that really do last a lifetime. For our family, most of our Holiday Gems, memories that we’ll always hold onto, were made in the beautiful Corfu.


Happiness and contentment –

The first time we visited Corfu, we were instantly taken aback by how beautiful and the blue the sea is over there. When the sun shines on the water it’s as though the ocean sparkles right back at you. There’s nothing more idyllic than taking in the evening sun, with the warm breeze passing by and the sea twinkling at you as the waves move. It makes you feel so content, like you’re the only people in the world with no worries on your mind. Not only is the sea crystal clear, it’s also warm. There’s just something about dipping your toes in to a warm ocean at the end of the day. Utter bliss!


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Adventure and exploration –

As much as we like to rest on holiday and take some time out from the stresses and strains of everyday life. We also like to have a little adventure and explore the local surroundings. Heading out of the centre of Corfu is a real eye opener and an experience that we will never forget. We hired mopeds, which was an adventure in itself and headed out into the ‘sticks’. Far away from the hustle bustle of the tourist locations, that are so different from real life in Corfu.

There were women dressed in what we’d see as rags, working in the heat of the day. They had donkeys to help them with their tasks. The donkeys also carried baskets of fruit over their backs, it’s amazing to see these old methods of work still well practised. We’ll also never forget the snakes that would slither across the road in front of us, out to get warm in the midday sun. I’m not a snake fan and wouldn’t get close to them, nevertheless the apparent normality of the occurrence is something I won’t forget!

One of the most amazing things about the landscape in Corfu are the rows of brightly coloured lemon trees. The people over here live off of the land so much more than we do and it’s humbling to see how happy it makes them. I really do think we could learn a lot from their way of life.


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Celebrations –

We also love to have a little fun whilst on holiday. One of the best ways to do this is to experience the culture of the place you’re visiting. Whilst in Corfu we had one of the best nights we’ve ever had, when we experienced the kinds of cultural dancing that we just don’t see over here. Not only did the locals have moves to put ours to shame, they also threw in a little plate smashing for good measure. I’ve never appreciated before just how fun a little plate smashing can be!


Where is your favourite holiday destination?