Good customer service is so important. Being responsive, helpful and polite when customers need your assistance can mean the difference between repeat custom and losing the client for good. In fact, out of a survey of 600 people 75% agreed that good customer service is incredibly important! This group of people stated that good communication skills and manners, as well as being able to access the correct support, are what makes for excellent customer service.

Some of the most common annoyances with customer service includes; poor communication, bad manners, not having direct access to the correct person, slow response times and language barriers. Unfortunately we’ve all been at the receiving end of poor customer service at some point. Generally though, bad service is the exception rather than the rule. Many of us have tales of positive customer service that stick in our minds, rendering the poor ones a mere unpleasant memory!


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I recently had a really positive customer service experience, involving a large UK toy store. With two girls in the house, you can imagine what Christmas morning looked like for us. Unfortunately, one of my eldest daughters presents and one that she was incredibly excited about, stopped working after about an hour of use. This was obviously really upsetting for her and disappointing for us as parents, after all no parents wants to see their children upset. Especially not on Christmas day.

So Boxing Day saw us trekking into town, with a hope of exchanging said gift – not the ideal start to a relaxing post-Christmas day! However, when we got there the staff were so apologetic. They made a fuss of our daughter whilst another member of staff swapped the toy quickly and without fuss. We left with well wishes from the staff and smiles on our faces. More importantly, our daughter could finally play with the much loved toy. In the end it was no bother to make the trip out in the middle of the festive period, all thanks to excellent customer service!


78% of those who took part in the survey agreed that larger companies provide better customer service. This was certainly the case in respect to our experience!


I asked a few of my fellow bloggers about their positive customer service experiences too, here are a few that really stood out to me;


Beth from Twinderelmo: ‘Our local shoe shop are always brilliant. Not only do they offer a discount for my twins but if they don’t have the size/style in we want, they ring around to find them and then call me to let me know they’re in stock. They’re all so friendly and it’s such a small town that they’re all local ladies working there. It’s so nice to have such a personal experience!’

Jodie from Maidenhead Mum:  ‘I bought a rug from Hus and Hem (gorgeous online shop) and I wanted it in time for my guests at Christmas so the house looked nice. I then got an email saying it would be delivered after Christmas. I emailed them and was furious. They then rang me up and said they couldn’t do anything about the delivery as it was coming from another country, but they would arrange to let me borrow one of theirs from the shop for Christmas and I could send it back to them after when mine arrived! Amazing!’

Adam from The Coaching Parent:  ‘I was flying with Norwegian. I had my own sandwiches as my meal for the trip. As I was clumsily unpacking them, one of the flight attendants saw me struggling and simply gave me a napkin (without being requested). It was really kind, and surprising. I felt like I was really cared about.’

Victoria from The Growing Mum: ‘I rang Sainsbury’s Bank to complain about a credit card charge. Turns out it was correct and it was my fault but they offered to cancel it anyway which was amazing!’

Charlie from Our Altered Life: ‘Many years ago I stayed in a hotel called Charter House in Warwick for the weekend. The service was amazing the whole time but on the second morning we came down for breakfast to THE most incredible eggs. Just yolks and not a scrap of white. The owner had noticed that I’d left all my whites the previous morning (they make me sick) and had ensured there wasn’t a tiny bit of white to be seen. Over 12 years later, I still remember that little touch that left a lasting impression.’

Jenny from Mama Foodie ‘I rang Amazon as I thought they hadn’t delivered when it said they had. They refunded the cost and gave me a free month of prime. It turned out I did receive it!’



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More interesting customer service statistics –


The most popular companies with the best customer service: banks, supermarkets, John Lewis and Amazon!

73% of those asked thought that being able to talk to the right person immediately makes for good customer service. Whilst 26% believe that being able to email the correct person is most important.

46% of those surveyed believe that customer service is better in the digital age.

Very few of those involved in the survey believe that customer service would have been better in previous decades.


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