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Going the Distance – The Diary of a Nervous Traveller

Going the Distance – The Diary of a Nervous Traveller

I’ve spoken about being an anxious person before and I don’t want to flood this platform with mental health posts. However important I think it is to talk about it. Over the past few weeks though I’ve had a bit of a revelation and I wanted to share my success, as someone who previously relied on other people to get along in life. As I write this, I’m on a train by myself, travelling long distance for the first time in my life. The best thing is, I’m OK with it!

Usually my husband would travel with me, even if he had no need to. He would busy himself whilst I worked, purely to make me feel better about being in strange cities and so that I didn’t have to stay in a hotel room by myself. A year ago I wouldn’t have entertained travelling long-distance to work by myself. I would have shut it down immediately, not even taking the time to think it through. The worst thing about this is that I set myself up to miss out on so much. I was so intent on worrying about what will never happen, that I turned down opportunities just to ‘save myself‘.

Finding the courage to go it alone –

I know that to some people this may seem trivial. Travelling for work is something that happens every day for so many individuals. It’s just work and they do what they have to do to make a living. I know this, so I’m not sure why I’d blown the whole scenario up in my head. Trains were scary to me, something I was genuinely afraid of. How could I possibly catch a train, change platforms and get to my destination all on my own?

Guess what? I could and I can! When I got the details through for this work trip, I agreed to it before I had the chance to think about it. As a mother, the last thing I want to do is pass on my irrational fears to my children. They need to see me being strong and getting on with everyday life, without restricting my own experiences or theirs. The world doesn’t have to be a scary place and they need to realise that as much as I do.

I have to admit that on the run up to this trip, I worried myself sick. I didn’t want to do it and I was imagining every single negative scenario under the sun. On the morning I travelled though I felt good, because I knew I’d done it. I was going to grab a pastry and a coffee. I was going to work on the train and I was going to a job that I absolutely love.

Positivity breeds positivity –

The best thing about pushing myself and grabbing this opportunity with both hands, is that I felt much more positive about my future prospects and working life. I feel good about myself knowing that I’ve knocked down those barriers and I know that a fear of travelling will never hold me back again.

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17 Replies to “Going the Distance – The Diary of a Nervous Traveller”

  1. When I was younger, I found myself careless, free and ready for any work trip. As I got older, I find myself getting tired and think about worst case scenarios. I totally needed this article right now. I will be traveling to a small island in Tonga called Ha’apai on Thursday. Thanks so much, this is right on time.

  2. Thanis for sharing this. There are a lot of people who experience anxiety for different reasons. It is great that you decided to take your anxiety on . That is a recent challenge I have under took as well.

  3. That is great you were able to overcome your fear and show your children they can do anything they put their mind to. I too struggle with anxiety, and panic attacks at times. I can understand how hard it was for you to push through that fear. I also understand having your children look up to you and how hard we as parents must watch ourselves to be the best example we can be for them. I know I need to stand up to my irrational fears more often if not for me for my children. Thank you for this post.

  4. This is commendable.. I think anxiety is a natural feeling. I remember how i felt 2 years back when i moved to Dubai a totally strange and new country/city. I came here just with 2 bags and now I have made this my home. Getting out of the comfort zone is the key.

  5. I pretty much travel by myself all the time. I’ve been from Asia, to South America and everywhere in between. And I love it! Sure, there are moments where I am a bit anxious, but all the joy of traveling comes back to me once I am surrounded by new places, new cultures, new people.

  6. I totally get this! Sometimes I’ll send my husband to go do things for me because I am imagining every situation under the sun and it is crippling. Recently, I have been doing the same thing and forcing myself to do it. I just keep telling myself that if anything is going to happen, I can’t prevent it. But I shouldn’t let it prevent me from living my life. 🙂

  7. I am so glad to hear that you kicked down the walls of fear of traveling! I happen to believe travel is one of life’s most amazing experiences, because I think it teaches you a lot about the world as well as yourself. And I do believe, as you stated, that positivity breeds positivity. Keep at it!

  8. That’s is so incredible of you that you traveled alone and overcome your anxiety. Sometimes in life, all we need to do is just take chances!

  9. This is so interesting i love to know more about this blog and look so great and allot of positive things in life.i’ll check it out .

  10. I am actually not afraid in trying new things in my life what I am sometimes afraid of is the results of what I am doing. But then again you are going back to the basic that you need to face your fears for you to learn new things and I am glad you did it too.

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