Men are hard to buy for. It’s something I’m aware of almost all year round with the birthdays of my male friends, Christmas time, and most recently Valentine’s day. It can be incredibly difficult to find a present for your husband that meets all the essentials: useful and practical, a bit special, and something that he hasn’t already bought for himself! Shaving gifts are one of the things that works for most men and fulfills the requirements. I’ve teamed up with The English Shaving Company to bring you a guide on the best shaving gifts for your husband.


A Shaving Present? Really?


I know what you’re thinking: is a shaving-related present a bit of a boring gift? In my experience, not at all! It works really well, actually — after all, most of us appreciate luxury soap, bath bombs or perfumes! It fulfills the requirements that I look for in a present perfectly: it’s practical and useful (he’ll use it most days) and it’s a bit more special than the standard soap and razor he usually uses.



Aftershave has a bit of a reputation for just being about the smell. For years, I associated it with sleazy salesmen (the kind you see in movies) or teenage boys that put far too much on! But it turns out that aftershave has a lot of important and practical purposes, as well as being quite pleasant when used right. It’s not just about the smell; it’s main function is to disinfect the skin after shaving. Because shaving can cause a lot of damage, as it scratches and cuts the skin as well as the stubble, it’s important to make sure there’s no harmful bacteria afterwards than can cause shaving rash or infection.


It means that when you’re buying an aftershave for your husband, you should make sure that it does have disinfectant properties (most do, but it’s worth checking!). There are so many different fragrances that you can get, so I can’t really advise you on what your husband would like the most. Some of my favourites are the citrus ones, but you can also get sandalwood, bergamot, menthol… even pina colada!


A Razor

Your husband probably already has a razor, but razors come in a massive variety of different grades and qualities, so buying him a fancy one could be a great shout — especially if you’re looking to spend a bit more money than you would on something like aftershave! There are loads of different kinds of razors so it’s important that you buy the type that he likes to use.


The most common kind are Gillette Mach3 or Fusion. These are the easiest to use so most men start with these and don’t end up changing to a different kind. You can buy this type of blade and then the razor itself (in which the blade is placed) separately. It means that if your husband already has a razor, you can easily upgrade him to something a lot more fancy. The fancier ones are smoother to use, often give a closer shave and feel a lot more luxurious in the hand (so I’ve heard!). They’re a lot better for the environment that disposable razors as well.


There’s another type of razor called a double edge safety razor, which you can also get for women. It’s a bit more difficult to use than a Gillette, but gives a smoother, closer result. They also look posher, so make the perfect shaving gift! You should probably only get this for him if he already uses this kind, or if you know he wants to change the way that he shaves.


A Shaving Brush

A shaving brush. That’s got to be the most boring of the lot, right? Actually, after a bit of research, I found out that the world of shaving brushes is massive and that a decent shaving brush can feel amazing to use, which makes it the perfect gift for your husband. There are loads of different types of shaving brushes that vary greatly in quality. The best way to buy one as a present, is to buy it in a set with a stand. It makes it look a lot better, as well as also being more practical. The stand allows the brush to drain so it lasts longer.


Here’s a helpful guide on the best shaving brushes to help you navigate the different varieties that are out there!