*This is a collaborative post.


All too often these days, we view life through our phones, snapping away to make sure we capture the moment, but then never looking back at most of the pictures again.

In some ways, the increased availability of technology and constant release of new and improved mobile phones, means that we can capture high-quality photos.

However, there is a big downside. We forget to live in the moment as we are so absorbed in deciding which picture will look best on our Instagram or Facebook feed.

There is far less taking pictures for the sake of capturing family memories.

As a parent, it’s perhaps even more important to make sure we don’t get caught up in this. Taking pictures that will last a lifetime is far more important than getting an aesthetically pleasing picture of our Sunday lunch for social media.

So why not invest in some professional family photography?

You could book in a studio photoshoot and let the talented people do all the work. Nousha specialise in family photography and can help you to achieve the perfect family portrait.

When we say ‘perfect’ we don’t mean the traditional boring family picture you might have in mind, we mean family photography that captures the silly and wonderfully hectic nature of every family. It is this fun, fresh and real approach Nousha take to family photography that makes them stand out from the rest.

Investing in family photography is important for capturing each stage of childhood. We all know how quickly kids these days are desperate to grow up. Capturing these quick changes in a professional way means that no silly stage or phase that your child goes through will be forgotten – probably much to their dismay!

Studio family photography is also worthwhile as the prints look fabulous dotted around the house. You could choose a variety of your favourite images and even have one in each room!

Another big reason why family photography is important is that, although at the time your children might hate it, in the future they will want to look back on who they were. They will have partners and children of their own who are interested in their childhood. If you don’t make sure to take time out of your busy schedule to capture special moments and stages, it really will come back and haunt you.

With so many things to remember on a daily basis, we cannot expect our brains to keep hold of all our favourite memories – having photographic evidence solves this problem!

At the end of the day, our phones can make do for capturing pictures of family days out or minor events… But for the big milestones, studio family photography is the way to go and is worth every penny.