Dream Dining Experiences – London

Lifestyle / Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

*This is a collaborative post.

As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I find heading out into nightclubs and bars a little tedious. It’s never really the same when you can’t join in with the flow of the night and the drinks! What I do absolutely love to do though is head out to an array of different restaurants, to try out the amazing food they have on offer. There’s nothing better than heading out with my other half, or with the girls for a catch-up and some good food. I’ve tried so many different dining experiences over the years, some I would jump at the chance to go back to and some not so much. I never regret trying new places though, you never know when you’re going to come across a hidden gem!

London is an amazing place to try out new places to eat. There are so many restaurants in the capital that offer something new and different to be enjoyed. Whatever your favourite meal is, you’re sure to find the place to suit you. It’s not all about the food either, there are also places that combine food and entertainment for the ultimate night out. There are even places you can go where the food is the entertainment and I must admit, those restaurants are my absolute favourite places to eat!

Here are a few dining experiences that you need to try out in London;

City Cruises, The London Showboat –

This is my husbands idea of the ideal night out. The London Showboat combines so many different elements to make sure that it’s passengers have the night of their dreams. Not only do you get to indulge in a four course meal on board the ship, you also get to see the sights of London after dark with all of the lights twinkling in the distance. The cruise begins at Westminster and takes you to the Thames barrier, the sights must be incredible! To put the cherry on the cake, there’s also a dinner show for you to sit back and enjoy. Utter bliss!

Rainforest Cafe –

The Rainforest Cafe is the ideal place to eat if you are in London with your family. It’s an extraordinary, sensory experience that will have the kids smiling from ear to ear. As you walk into the restaurant, you’re greeted by sounds of the rainforest including rain, waterfalls and lightning. There are animals hidden all around for the kids to spot and this place even has real tropical fish for them to look at. It offers a good menu, with a two-course kids menu too. What makes this place even more ideal for the kids, is that it provides activity packs for each customer. So you can say goodbye to restlessness as you wait for your meal.

The Shaka Zulu experience –

Of an evening this South African restaurant is the ideal getaway for adults. It’s huge rooms are home to amazing food, an extravagant cocktail bar and fabulous live music. During the day, Shaka Zulu also offers family entertainment. So whether you’re in London with the kids or if you there for an adult break, this is definitely a place you should try!


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