*This post was written in collaboration with Wallsauce. As always, all thoughts ans opinions are my own.


I’ve spoken before about the effort Hubs is putting into redecorating our home. Ever since we decided to make this place our forever home, its been his mission to make it as beautiful and as personal as possible. I’m a huge fan of white furniture and white walls, it makes everything look so clean and fresh. It can look a bit too clinical though, so I think a feature wall can be a huge compliment and can really finish a room off.

So I’ve spent some time researching mural wallpapers. They are such an amazing statement piece and are ideal for breaking up an otherwise all white space. I’ve seen a lot of houses with vibrant colours used to make feature walls, I just feel like these can still look a little too plain though. I want something that’s a complete conversation starter, something that really stands out and something that means something to us as a family!

That’s why we’ve decided to add cityscape wall murals to a few of our rooms. After a lot of thought and even more research, I’ve found the three murals that will add the perfect finishing touches to our home. Here are three cityscapes that we love;


New York –

Visiting New York has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I’ve had dreams of heading to New York over the Christmas period. I’d love to walk the streets, wrapped up in my finest winter togs and spend a fortune on festive shopping. One can dream! For this reason, we decided that one of our rooms should have a mural of New York. Have you ever thought of having New York Scenes in your home? Image how amazing it would be to look into the New York sky every evening as you sit down to relax!


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London –

Hubs and I have visited London on numerous occasions. It’s somewhere that we both love to spend time and over the years we have made some amazing memories down there. I also love to be near water, I find it so relaxing. I remember spending time down by the Thames when we were in London, it was a beautiful summer’s night and it just seemed so idyllic. So for our second wallpaper mural, we decided to go for a London scape with the Thames in the foreground. Not only will it bring back such good memories every time we look at it, it will also make the ideal feature for when we feel like we need to chill out!


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Venice –

Venice is another destination that both Hubs and I would love to visit. We are both really into history and would love to venture around this city, to take in the spectacular views and ways of life. I think a wallpaper mural of Venice above my desk would be a great touch. It would make breaks from my laptop so much better, as I could sit back and get lost in the picturesque view in front of me. We will definitely visit Venice one day, for now though I’ll have to make do with my mural!


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