*We were given a complimentary meal at Cosy Club for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


As parents, it’s not very often that we head out into our local cities. In fact, it’s a very rare occurrence! Before we had the girls, Hubs and I were suckers for a night out on the town with some great food thrown in for good measure. Alas, the littles have changed our ways, so these days when we get the opportunity to go out, we grab it with both hands and run like the wind! So when we were invited to our local Cosy Club to try out their new menu, you guessed it, we definitely didn’t say no.

The week that we visited Cosy Club was a particularly busy week for us. We had the biggest’s birthday and she had her first day at school. As you can imagine, I was a tad stressed throughout the week. Starting school has been so easy for our girl, but for me it’s been more trying than I imagined it would be. Letting your first born head out into the world is really difficult to get your head around, so a nice chilled out meal with Hubs was a real treat for us to regroup and catch-up.

Cosy Club –

Having never visited a Cosy Club venue before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. They describe the experience as ‘Mansion splendour meets village hall eccentricity’ and as it turns out that’s the perfect way to envisage a visit to Cosy Club. When we walked into the unassuming entrance we were met with a real treat! The doors open up into a large entrance hall with a big staircase, that heads up to the bar and restaurant. There are grand paintings trailing all the way up the staircase, flowing into the lounge and bar area which is full of big leather sofas to sink into and relax!



My favourite part of this venue was the huge restaurant area. This room looked really amazing with high ceilings, tall windows and it even had the original balcony still in place. This room just oozed history and the decor complimented this perfectly. From the deer heads on the wall, to the sparkling chandeliers and the quirky tables and chairs, this place just felt incredible to relax and enjoy a yummy meal in!



The food –

We were invited to Cosy Club to sample their new menu, which includes some of the most amazing food. We really were spoilt for choice!

Hubs and I had a good selection between us, take a gander at some of the great food we got to try;


Halloumi sticks with chipotle jam.


Squid & chorizo.


The Brigadier burger.


The Major-General burger.


Warm chocolate brownie.


Nutella and vanilla cream doughnut.


Overall, we had the best afternoon at our local Cosy Club. The food really was gorgeous and our puddings were to die for. The next time we get the chance to go out on a date night, we’ll definitely be heading back!


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