*This is a collaborative post.


Your child’s favourite teacher will play a key role in shaping their developing mind – and thus, you might want to show your appreciation, perhaps in collaboration with a few other like-minded parents. 

But what does a teacher want for Christmas? If you’re clever about it, you can send your children on a bit of a reconnaissance mission, to gather intelligence about the sorts of things the teacher likes. 

Unfortunately, any given teacher might come into contact with dozens, or even hundreds, of students every year, and so standing apart from the crowd might be difficult. Moreover, you don’t want to push the boat out too far, as that might make life a little weird for your kid. 

There are certain items that you should certainly avoid. Mugs with pithy phrases on them should be avoided, as most teachers will already have a cupboard full of them. The same goes for plaques and motivational posters. Humorous ties you might be able to get away with, provided that your judgement is unimpeachable.

With all of that out of the way, there are a few reliable or even sure-fire ways to put a smile on a face. Let’s take a look at them!

Chocolate Hamper

The chances are overwhelming that the teacher in question likes chocolate. If you want to pull out of the stops, then you can club together with other parents and buy something truly spectacular. Chocolate hampers are perfect: they include a wide range of different luxury chocolates, which can either be gobbled or shared around the staffroom.


Socks are often derided as a boring present – until we get to a certain age and realise that it isn’t really possible to have too many of them. Go for something fuzzy and warming that they can wear immediately around the house.


Things that smell nice nearly always make for fantastic gifts, because they have a habit of running out. Soap sets, incense sticks and those goodie-baskets from the Body Shop and other similar stores are designed to be gifted.

A Gift Card

A gift card for a popular online store, or, better yet, a niche shop that you know they have an interest in, is near-certain to go down brilliantly. This way, you’ll be able to cater to their personal hobbies without running the risk of buying the wrong thing and wasting everyone’s time.

School Supplies

Teachers can’t get enough of a certain sort of consumable. If you buy a fancy marker pen or a set of sharpies, then their eyes will, in all likelihood, light up. The same goes for post-it notes and stickers. If you can add a personal touch to some of these items, then so much the better.