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Next week, Hubs and I are taking the girls on our first holiday of the year. The kids love going on holiday and now that they’re getting older, we’ve decided to push the boundaries and venture a little further than we usually would. The girls are quite good travellers and we’ve bought a whole host of in-car entertainment to keep them busy on the journey. So here’s hoping we make it to our destination with as little fuss as possible!

With a long journey ahead of us though, I’ve been thinking about our wheels and what maintenance we have to do before we travel. Hubs always gives our car the once over when we’re going on holiday, the last thing we want are any nasty surprises once we get on the road. The thing is though, car maintenance isn’t just important when you have a long way to travel. It should be something that’s always on your mind. A good car maintenance routine is essential to keeping your car in tip-top condition and it’s so important to ensure the safety of your family whilst your travel.


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Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of if you want to keep your car in tip-top condition;

The Do’s –

  • Do check fluid levels regularly – this includes oil levels and washer fluid, among others. It doesn’t take long to check and doing so could be the difference between a hefty repair bill and the odd spend on a few consumables.
  • Do check your tyre tread and pressures often – tyres that don’t have enough tread, minimum 1.6mm, are not road worthy and could lead to you getting a fine and even points on your licence. Tyre pressure that are too low effect the stability and safety of your car, so these two should always be checked!
  • Do check your filters and change them at regular intervals – again, this could mean the difference between spending a fortune to repair your car if you leave them too long and just spending a few pounds to replace then when needs be.
  • Do get your car serviced by a professional regularly – a lot of people maintain their own cars which is fine, but they should also be looked over by a professional on a regular basis. Just in case there’s anything that has been missed by the untrained eye. You can book a full exhaust checkup at Iverson Tyres Garage, this will put your mind at rest, as you’ll know your car has had the best care!

The Don’ts –

  • Don’t let your car run too low on fuel – letting your car run too low on fuel can mean that the remnants left at the bottom on the fuel tank are pulled through your engine. This in turn can impact on the running of your car. For a car to run smoothly, always keep it topped up with fuel!
  • Don’t ignore any dashboard warning lights – it’s not uncommon for people to ignore dashboard warning lights as often the car will still appear to run as it should. Ignoring dashboards lights can end up costing you a fortune in the long run and most importantly could be affecting the safety of your car.
  • Don’t begin a long journey without completing a thorough check of your vehicle – checking a vehicle before you travel is a must. Even if it has been looked over recently, an extra look before you embark on your journey can help to ensure the safe running of your car.
  • Don’t drive your car recklessly – cars don’t like to be driven badly. Often it’s unsafe and it can have a serious impact on the general wear and tear of your vehicle. Cars are sure to last longer if they’re looked after, so treat them well!


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