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56 Replies to “The Bank of Mum and Dad – Getting on the Property Ladder”

  1. I honestly don’t think I will ever be able to afford a mortgage. With us both on very low incomes and not able to ask our parents for help it just doesn’t look likely. Plus, I’m not getting any younger and the longer it’s left the less time we will have to pay it off. #BigPinkLink

  2. We’d never have been able to get on the property ladder without the help we had from both mine and my husband’s parents – and it wasn’t even a forever home, just a 1 bedroom place! But it did give us the leg up that we needed to stop throwing our money away on rent. We saved really hard once we moved in and were able to overpay the mortgage by a huge amount, which then allowed us to move on. But I’m so grateful to our parents for giving us that help in the first place. #bigpinklink

  3. We didn’t get any help, just a boring old bank mortgage. Our first house was really run down so we spent some time fixing it up. Lucky for us the property market boomed so we could sell it at a good price when we needed to move. #blogstravaganza

  4. How lovely of them to help. My husband had some inheritance which we used to buy our first home. We wanted to get it just right too and felt as though it was the right time and way to invest the money. We did end up moving a couple of years ago because life threw some challenges our way, but sometimes I think my heart still lives in our old house.

  5. We’ve bought a few houses over the years and I’ve only had to borrow from my parents once. We borrowed £5000 to help with the deposit on our last house and we only managed to pay it back when we sold that house and moved into our current one 8 years later! I am very glad I am now trying to get on the property ladder now though, it was much easier and cheaper when we did it!

  6. I have never been in a position to buy my own home and to be honest I feel I would worry about how I would afford any repairs etc that could come up. I have to say I’m not shocked that so many parents lend money without agreeing terms however if they are happy to do it’s a really generous gesture #blogstravaganza

  7. We are fortunate that my husband bought a condo about 8 years ago when he was single and the market was down. We look to sell it for a big profit that will help us buy our forever home. We will probably list it this summer and rent for a year and see if the market is going to start to dip then buy low. Fingers crossed! #blogstravaganza

  8. I think we got some help and in general our parents try to give us even money we don’t ask for -.-. I had to refuse many times, I would find big $$$ on our bank accounts. They are weird. I don’t dislike money and I’m grateful for the help, but if we do not NEED them I don’t see whyyyy :D.

    We are lucky because Finnish governments tries to favour people who want to buy a house, for instance government can act as guarantee in a loan quite easily, so you don’t need the front money in practice.

  9. It’s so hard isn’t it! We have saved hard and invested well so haven’t needed a loan from family but we’ve certainly had a bit of help along the way. A gift of furniture when we first moved out and some money left to us in wills. Had both husband and l not invested in our employers share schemes from our late teens things would have been different. #blogstravaganza

  10. We’re yet to own our own home as Hubby has awful credit history and houses in our area are really expensive due to our close access to London. We are considering shared ownership just to get on the ladder but I’m not 100% keen on it yet! #blogstravaganza

  11. This is an interesting post! We are only on the property ladder because of my parents help. They gifted us a small (large to us but small in the grand scheme of things), that along with a 5% deposit on a 40% share of a shared ownership house meant we could buy. We then stepped up and bought the rest of the house a couple of years back and only now are we able to start looking at houses we actually want. It is very hard for people to get on the property ladder now. #TriumphantTales

  12. We private rented for years and then after being on the housing list for the best part of 16 years we got offered a newbuild property by the housing association in our local area – the area I grew up in. I can’t tell you how happy I was. I can’t see us buying anywhere anytime soon, not while we are secure in the beautiful house we have. But at least by not wasting lots of money on private renting it’s likely to be more achievable in the future. Really interesting post. Sorry for the late comment but thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales.

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