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6 Ways to Spoil yourself – For Free

6 Ways to Spoil yourself – For Free

*This is a collaborative post.


January is arguably the most depressing month of the year. The excitement and build up of the festive season is already a distant memory, the weather is cold, and the days are dark, and your pay check has to stretch so further than it usually has to. But just because you’re in a bit of a pinch, doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself.

Sure that new foundation and BB cream will have to wait until next month (BB creams, apparently an Asian trend, are incredibly popular right now) but you can still spoil yourself with one of these simple, ideas. Go on, you deserve it!

Take. A. Nap.

If the life you lead is anything like mine then you’re probably up to your eyes in sleep debt with a generous helping of sleep deprivation on top. They say that around 99% of us aren’t getting enough sleep, so why not take one for the team and tackle that statistic head on. Make your nap more of a treat with a lovely fresh pillow case – takes less effort than changing the whole bed – whipping your bra and tight clothing off and catching some much needed Z’s.

Pick up an old favourite

Being a book lover is hard when funds are low and you’re watching your bank balance, so why not treat yourself to a second read of a novel you simply adore. Reading a “comfort” book gives you just that, comfort. For me it was always Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Just a few chapters here and there was enough to give my mood a boost. Go and find your favourite and get it out of retirement.

A hot bath

Lock yourself in the bathroom, light some candles, play a feel good or relaxing playlist and run yourself a nice hot bath. Add some Epsom salts, bubble bath, flower petals or essential oils and take as long as you need to relax and unwind. Don’t forget to completely moisturise all over when you’re dry, so your skin is gorgeously supple and soft. Who needs a spa?

A movie marathon

This might be a contested opinion, but for me, the best movies are the ones you’ve seen a hundred times, know word for word and can easily fall asleep to half way through – no matter what the genre is! Set yourself up with some snacks, treats and your duvet and get watching. The hardest part is choosing the film to watch!

Take a walk

And leave your phone behind! Getting out and surrounding yourself with nature is a scientifically proven way to reduce your stress levels and it just makes you feel good! Try leaving your phone and technology at home so you can really get away from the world for a while. You could even take a picnic and spoil yourself with some tasty treats.

Watch a YouTube tutorial

If you have drawers of old makeup just sitting there gathering dust then why not learn how to contour, or try a new eye shadow technique?

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