6 Effortless Ways to Clean Vinyl Flooring

Lifestyle / Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Vinyl floors are homeowners’ new best friend—it’s an exceptionally solid, low cost approach to get a wood or tile look in any room in the house. Yet, similar to any floor, vinyl can get messy rapidly especially if you have kids in the house. Here are a couple of tips on the most proficient method to clean vinyl floors securely and make support less demanding.

1.) Mop Regularly

How about we begin with the apparent way—for clean vinyl floors, wipe reliably at least once a day if possible. Be hat as it may, ensure you’re not utilizing too much water. Utilizing a sodden wipe to clean vinyl flooring each day can easily prevent dirt build up and keep your floors looking new.

2.) Use kitchen items to kick the rust away


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The principal indication of rust may send you in a frenzy, however you don’t need to essentially run out of the house and purchase items that will cost you an arm. In this case, the best items are right in your kitchen. A blend of lemon squeeze and cream of tartar is a basic answer for wiping out rust stains and resuscitating your vinyl floors. Don’t forget to wash with water after you’re finished.

3.) Isopropyl alcohol can do magic

We all know rubbing alcohol, is known for disinfecting wounds and killing bacteria, yet it can likewise do wonders to clean your floor. Don’t stress on finding ways to remove inks, hair colors, wine stains and what not because a quick solution to use rubbing alcohol can easily solve these problems. Wash with water after the stain is evacuated.

4.) Don’t overshine


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Don’t overdo it. Take note that utilizing industrial products to make your floor sparkle can have negative effects at some point. Opt for homemade remedy instead. Mix vinegar and baby oil into a bucket of warm water and dip your mop into it. It is a budget friendly that is just as effective as industrial products without the harmful effects to you and your family.

5.) Steam Mops are a big no-no

You might think that steaming might be a decent answer for cleaning carpets, yet steam mops are not good for hard surfaces such as vinyl. High temperatures and moist is a dynamic team that can quickly wreck vinyl in case you’re not cautious enough. It’s best to keep away from steam mops in general, however in the event that you can’t say goodbye to it, make a point to read and understand your floor producer’s rules prior to utilizing one.

6.) Throw Away Ammonia and Bleach

Everyone knows that bleach and ammonia are known for being effective cleaners, however their fumes are enough reason for you to throw them away and never have it in your house ever again. Yes, they might solve your messy floor problems but think of the harmful chemicals lying on the flooring where your children rest and play. Try using milder organic products instead. Check the pH with neutral level to avoid any damages.

These are only 6 tips but they are proven and tested to help you clean your vinyl floors effortlessly. As busy moms, we have (a lot of) other things to do than stressing about the floors, right?

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