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Home / Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

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Do you ever look around and feel like, thanks to technology, you’re living in the future? So many amazing advances have been made over the last few years that the kinds of tech that you can own are the things that only ever previously existed in the realms of sci-fi. The classic dream of a home that resembles the main deck of the Starship Enterprise doesn’t need to be a dream anymore, in fact, there are some genuinely amazing pieces of tech that you might never have even thought of using in your home. With that in mind, here are some awesome gadgets to turn your home into a nerdy paradise!

Voice control

There’s nothing cooler than watching a character in some piece of science fiction give an instruction directly to their computer. Well now, thanks to things like the Amazon Echo, that’s not just possible, but it’s actually pretty darn easy! Not only can those kinds of tech surf the web, play music and read you the latest headlines, but you can even use them to dim the lights, turn the heating on and off and control your other electronic items. A little device in the corner of your living room is now capable of making your entire life as simple, easy and convenient as possible. And there really is nothing quite as satisfying as telling your house to turn the lights on and play you your favorite song!

Techno furniture

Furniture has always been a pretty static thing in a lot of homes. Lots of things change but the idea of chairs and tables has stayed pretty much the same for decades. However, with the rise of technology, things are looking pretty different. From touch screen tables that turn your home into your own personal arcade to high-tech multimedia loungers, the way that you relax and enjoy yourself at home is changing in some truly amazing and exciting ways.


One of the most frustrating things about a lot of the technology that many people have in their homes is simply trying to get all of their devices to communicate with each other. You’ve got smartphones, computers, smart TVs and more, but none of them connect together. Luckily, you can find things like great Chromecast deals that allow you to connect whatever you’re viewing on your computer to your TV. Not only that but most smartphones also have apps that connect to your computer so that you can transfer files between them instantly.

For a lot of people, technology is seen as something that’s kind of scary and shouldn’t really be trusted. However, the truth is that technology is only as good or as bad as how you use it. If you find technology that could potentially make your home more comfortable and your life easier, then why wouldn’t you leap at the chance to turn that into a reality? Just don’t get too carried away. It’s pretty easy to end up emptying your bank account buying all of these amazing pieces of tech.

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