With the gluttony of Christmas over with, many of us will be looking forward to a chocolate-free New Year to give our bodies a rest. The same applies to your home; it’s time to have a big clear-out so you can comfortably fit all your shiny new things from Christmas.


Being ruthless can seem like a daunting task for many, especially when you place sentiment in many of the items that should really leave your home. One golden rule to stick to is that if you haven’t used the item in over a year and you can’t immediately think of a time in the near future when it would be useful, get rid.

Make A Charity Happy

Many of the items and clothing you have will still be in very good condition, it is simply that you have no need for them anymore. Parting with these things can be a little easier to do when you are giving them to a charity to sell on for raising funds. Your trash will become someone’s treasure and you can get that heart-warming feeling of doing something good.


Some charities, such as British Heart Foundation, also track how much you have helped the charity make through donations so you will know how much your items sold for. Every penny adds up!

Tipping Time

There’s something satisfying about taking old furniture and things that can be recycled to the tip. It’s quite cathartic to get rid of things that you have no use for, knowing that they are properly disposed of for you. Every item removed from your home will help to clear the clutter and make way for things that you are excited about – perhaps a new bookshelf or that new TV you’re about to treat yourself to in the January sales…

A New Vision

Once you have cleared the space you need, it’s time to start thinking about what plans you have for your home. Will you revamp the décor or have a play about with the layout? Clever use of space can turn your ‘small’ home into an area that makes excellent use of every square foot.


As well as reading up on the latest trends, apps like Pinterest can spark your imagination and give you a mood board to work with for your new home vision.  


It’s also very simple to change the layout of your home with some ingenious additions. Adding internal bi-folding doors into the layout of your home can easily turn two rooms into one large space depending on your requirements that day. You can turn your living room and dining room into one huge entertaining space for family parties and gatherings, as well as returning everything to normal for a cosier feel.

2018 Interior Trends to Keep in Mind

According to Elle Décor, these six trends will be big in 2018:


Wall art – Choosing statement walls in your home to litter with family photographs is bang on trend for the New Year, with Pinterest pins in this going up 637% on the year before!


Patterned plants – Increase your CO2 and trend points with the addition of some interesting plants to your home. Just make sure you dedicate the time to watering them. Here are five plants that give out oxygen even at night…


Mixed metallics – Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals in 2018 to give a striking look for the room you are transforming.


Terrazzo flooring – Have you heard of this 1970s flooring trend making a revival? Move over lino, Terrazzo is back with a vengeance!


Statement ceilings – Give your ceilings some well-deserved attention by using bold colours of paint, interesting wallpapers or intricate textures to draw the eye upwards.


Spa-inspired bathrooms – Depending on your design budget, you can go really big with this one. Spa tub baths are the ultimate luxury, but you can also create a spa ‘feel’ with simple touches like flowers in the bathroom, and clever storage ideas for towels, haircare/bodycare and candles etc.

Let’s Not Forget the Cleaning

A ‘spring’ clean cannot be achieved without some hard work. With your trips to the tip and charity shop done, and a new vision for your home at the forefront of your mind, get all your cleaning things together and get the whole family involved. Give a room to each person to tackle and get scrubbing! A nice incentive for getting everyone to help can be a takeaway and treats for all.


In no time at all, you will have a clean, beautifully decorated home that is using each bit of space to its full potential.