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Gingersnap Colour Changing Light Box – Review

Gingersnap Colour Changing Light Box – Review

Recently Hubs and I have spent some time renovating our little palace. We’ve managed to regain a bit of the adult space that disappeared shortly after our first daughter was born. We’ve enjoyed relaxing in our new environment over the past few weeks, but we both felt that there was something missing. After having a big de-clutter, our living area felt bare and in need of a little life! So when I got the chance to review the Gingersnap colour changing light box, I couldn’t wait to spruce up our room with this super cool feature!

Before our light box arrived I spent some time looking over the Gingersnap website. Not only do they have light boxes, they also have vintage lighting and neon lamps, among so much more. I absolutely love the look of the vintage lamps, I’ll definitely be heading back to Gingersnap as we work our way through the other rooms in our house!

Light Box Love

I’ve always loved the look of light boxes and this one does not disappoint. When it arrived the girls and I had a great time sorting through the letter and emoji packs. The guys at Gingersnap also sent over an extra coloured letter pack, perfect for mixing and matching our messages. There are so many emoji’s to choose from and after much consideration, I found the social media icons most apt for this project!



The best thing about this Gingersnap light box is that, unlike some of the more standard options, it has a colour changing back light. You can choose from the traditional white light, or by clicking the button for a second time you can switch to an array of beautiful bright colours. Our eldest daughter has recently begun to learn her colours, so she’s had a total ball shouting out all of the different colours as they change!



Our new light box sits pride of place in our living area. I love spending time changing the messages, they’re a real conversation starter when we have company! If you’re after a super cool addition to your home then I can’t recommend this product enough, it’d make a really great gift for friends and family too!


Gingersnap would like to offer my readers the chance to win a light box of their own. All you have to do is enter using the form below…good luck!



Win a Gingersnap Light Box

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