Usually, when it comes to decorating the family home, the stairs are not our first priority. After all, how often do we notice them – we go up, we come down, we repeat. It’s sometimes thought that decorating your stairs can be expensive, but actually, providing they are structurally sound, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to update your stairs, and it can be quite simple!


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Strip it Back

One of the easiest ways to makeover your staircase is to get back to basics. Tired of seeing the boring old beige carpet every time you go up the stairs? Get rid of it! Replace it with a glossy wood or a more exciting carpet. For wooden stairs, why not try sanding the wood down and refinishing it with a new stain? You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make. You can buy a wood stain for under £10, so all you need is a trip to B&Q and some determination.

Change it Up

Buying stair parts to change up your staircase is more straightforward than you think. Whether you’re looking to replace your old wooden spindles with a contemporary glass panel, or you like the look of a traditional iron staircase, it’s easy to do. Your first step (pardon the pun!) is to buy from a reliable stair parts manufacturer. You’ll be able to buy spindles (the vertical posts), newel posts (the top and bottom posts), handrails and base rails either separately or together, so you can change as much, or as little as you’d like. If you want to change the whole staircase, you can buy a stair kit.


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Get Creative with Paint

Ah, paint. Another affordable way to make a huge difference to any room, and the hallway/staircase is no exception. Paint your walls a complementary colour or make a statement with a dark forest green or blue (the colours du jour for interior designers at the moment). If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not paint the risers – that’s the vertical bit – black or white.  

Play with Patterns

You use your stairs every day, so why not try to make them a little more fun? Keep the stairs plain, and then experiment with a patterned stair runner – monochrome stripes look chic with white stairs. If you don’t want to be committed to a stair runner, why not try a funky rug? You could focus on bright colours for spring, rust orange for autumn and go all-out-fluffy for winter.


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Decorative Touches

If you’re reluctant to change the stairs themselves, have a think about the decorative touches you can add to the area instead. A gallery wall of family photos as you go up the stairs is always a nice touch, as are fairy lights entwined through the spindles – although this may be best saved for the colder time of year!  

Changing your stairs doesn’t have to expensive. You can do as little, or as much as you’d like!


*This is a collaborative post.