Making your home guest friendly is the first thing you should be doing if you want to become the ultimate hostess. Whether you are hosting afternoon tea breaks with friends. Whether you are inviting friends over to watch the game. Or whether you have the in-laws coming round for Sunday lunch. Making your home guest friendly is pivotal because it helps to alleviate the stresses aroused within you by doing so. Thus, it means you can relax and enjoy being the hostess. Make sure to read on to find out just how you can be making your home more guest friendly over the coming months.

Dinner with friends

The first thing you should do is ensure that you get the climate just right. If you are in the midst of a hot spell, then make sure to get some sort of air conditioning sorted or just take to hosting your little gathering outside in the garden. And if you’re welcoming your guests in the height of the winter time, make sure to ensure that your home is properly heated. Well, you can’t keep visitors to your home warm on just a warm welcome, can you? No, you need to ensure that central heating installations and repairs are carried out in it too in order to ensure that nobody freezes. Because letting somebody freeze in your home is not a good look!

Of course, working your way around the temperature requires some sort of planning in advance. And you should work in this way when it comes to other aspects of your impending hosting too. One such aspect is the menu that you will be serving up. You should consider exactly what kind of soiree you will be hosting. For instance, if it’s just a little get together to watch sports or a movie, then snacks and drinks should be given precedence. But if you’re cooking up a full blown meal for a dinner party, you should take into consideration exactly what it is your guests like and what they may or may not be allergic to.

Another thing that you should factor into your hosting plans is the surveying of your home. On the day of your guests’ arrival you should give your home the once over and try to see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. You should look out for anything that needs attention — maybe a watermark ring here, or an askew portrait there. And you should also look out for any areas that have become cluttered — and you should then de-clutter it! Having guests around doesn’t mean you have to roll out the red carpet and serve champagne and canapés upon arrival, it just means you should make sure your home is looking presentable.

Making your home look presentable and feel welcoming to guests, especially if you work from home and are expecting work-related company, is very important. A lot of the time we are judged by the state in which our homes are in. So, do you really want people to deem you untidy because of all the clutter? Do you really want people to think that you don’t take temperature control into consideration? No, so make your home as guest friendly as can be!