As a family we adore spending time outdoors, letting our little ones get to know their surroundings. Our children are perfect little explorers, they love nothing more than feeling the excitement of learning something new each day. Their endless curiosity and desire to conquer the world in front of them is amazing to see.

Now that the Summer is here, it’s the perfect time for them be outside to finding insects, building dens and enjoying what nature has to offer. For them to enjoy all of this though, it’s vital that they stay hydrated. So when we were contacted by Highland Spring to take on their #TermTimeEssentials challenge, I thought it was the perfect time to instil good water drinking habits into our children before the new term begins. It’s also the perfect time for my children to show that they’re #BravebyNature, a project created by Highland Spring allowing children to showcase their ability to conquer the world!

Staying hydrated is so important for both adults and children, but did you know that children need more water in relation to their body weight than adults? Also unlike us, kids don’t always recognise when they feel thirsty. With this is mind, I’ve made it my mission to encourage our children to drink more water throughout the day. I’ve put a ‘little and often’ system in place and since doing so,  I’ve already begun to notice a positive difference in our girls attention span and concentration. Whatever they’re up to they always have a bottle of Highland Spring with them, reminding them to keep sipping water as they play.


The Positives

One of the main positives of taking on the #TermTimeEssentials challenge has been the improvement in our girls’ attention span. They have more determination than ever to explore and to complete the tasks that we set them. Prior to this, it would become obvious that their concentration was waning and that they were becoming irritable. I know now that a simple hydration boost would have made all the difference and given them incentive to succeed!

Days out with Highland Spring by our side have given our girls even more drive to be #BravebyNature. This year they’ve enjoyed days out in the sunshine, surrounded by nothing but open space. They’ve learnt to fly kites, play football and have loved investigating woodland trails full of obstacles for them to overcome. As a parent, there’s nothing better than seeing your children have so much fun on these long Summer days!


Making Highland Spring one of our #TermTimeEssentials

Taking on the #TermTimeEssentials challenge has been a real eye opener for Hubs and I. Making sure our girls stay hydrated has always been a top priority, but making simple changes such as implementing the ‘little and often’ rule has been an obvious benefit to our girls. They’ve embraced their ability to be #BravebyNature, tackling anything that has gotten in their way!


So, thankyou Highlnad Spring! Not only have you been our Summer time essential, but your bottles of water are at the top of our #TermTimeEssentials list too!


*This post was written in collaboration with Highland Spring.