Unfortunately eating healthily can be a struggle. There are those who would say that this is an excuse. However in today’s busy world, it’s more than a feeble excuse, it’s a valid reason to not eat healthily. With long commutes, even longer working hours, and the expense of fresh food, it’s harder than ever to eat well. So why is it so important to eat healthily, and can it ever be hassle free?

Why Is Healthy Eating Important At Any Age?


Eating healthily is so important, for people of all ages. If you have a family it’s important to get your kids into healthy eating early on. There are some great health benefits to eating the right foods your whole life. The foods we should be eating are those which provide lots of nutrition, from all the different food groups. That way we’ll have a healthy balanced diet. Foods which have high levels of fat and sugar should be eaten very occasionally. For kids, it’s especially important to eat healthily because they are growing and physically developing. Food helps to support this process by providing essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Food can also help to develop our cognitive and motor skills. Iodine and iron are essential for good cognitive and motor skills and are found in food. Eating healthy food means you can also avoid some chronic conditions like heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. All of which can be life-threatening.

What Does Eating Healthily Mean?


It sounds like an obvious question, but it can be difficult to know what healthy eating actually entails. Basically food which is fresh, unrefined and not processed is healthy food. What this leaves you with is food in it’s most natural state. So fruit and vegetables which haven’t been grown out of season are healthy. There’s conflicting advice about how much meat and fish we should be eating. There’s more and more evidence that meat shouldn’t be the focal point of our meals. Instead grains and legumes like rice, pasta, chickpeas and seeds should be included. We should also be trying to make our own dressings and sauces rather than buying them from the store. Pesto for instance, is much healthier made at home with basil, pine nuts, oil, and spinach. Check out a fruit tree supplier to see how you could be growing your own healthy food at home.

Can Healthy Eating Ever Be Hassle-Free?


The problem is, foods which are bad for us are so readily available. It’s often far easier to buy a hamburger and chips that it is to buy fresh produce. Not to mention fresh produce can be seriously expensive. Farmers markets provide great seasonal food but at a price. The other problem is that we’re so used to the taste of store bought food that homemade concoctions can taste bland in comparison. Plus, who has time to cook meals from scratch every night? The truth is, eating healthy isn’t easy. It does take some extra effort and in some cases, extra cash. The benefits, however, makes it more than worthwhile. Start off by cutting back on red meats and introducing some more vegetables into your diet. Then try incorporating some new recipes which include grains rather than meat. This is a good way to get started.


*This is a collaborative post.