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Drinking Tea in Style with teapigs Feel Good Teas – Giveaway!

Drinking Tea in Style with teapigs Feel Good Teas – Giveaway!

Over the past two years, as I’ve evolved into mother, blogger and freelance writer my tea and coffee consumption has gone up tenfold. I’m constantly putting the kettle on, believing that a quick caffeine hit will get me through the day. The trouble with a quick caffeine fix though, is that it lasts just about as long as it takes to drink. Leaving me craving more and more, to meet the demands of my girls and my work load.

I decided recently that it was about time I began to think more about my health long-term. I want to be fit and healthy enough to keep up with my girls, as well as have the energy to continue to build my business and reach my goals. So to help me achieve this, I’ve partnered with teapigs on their #feelgoodtea campaign. teapigs have created three feel good teas, each containing different active ingredients that will serve the consumer at different points throughout the day. I was challenged to incorporate each tea into my daily routine and all I had to do was reap the benefits!


Feel Good Teas


clean ‘n green

To be consumed first thing in the morning, clean ‘n green is a tea to help you detox! This tea contains some really flavourful ingredients, including; lemongrass, ginger, coconut and green tea. The active ingredient in this is dandelion, containing antioxidants perfect for detoxing and starting your day with a kick. The best thing about clean ‘n green is that it’s just as yummy hot or as iced tea – whichever tickles your fancy on the day!

up beet

Best brewed in the afternoon, up beet is a tea to give you energy! My favourite of the three, this tea contains beetroot, green tea, ginger, and hibiscus. Prior to this challenge I was always the first to have a sugary tea or coffee to get me through the last few hours of work, not to mention the biscuits that went with it. This tea is a total game changer, I’m more focused and cutting out calories at the same time!


The perfect relaxing cuppa before bed, snooze is a tea to help you sleep! Having two small children in the house means that I don’t get as much sleep as I used to. For that reason I love nothing more than snuggling down with a cuppa and getting an early night. This tea contains lavender, chamomile and apple – a relaxing mix and the ideal accompaniment to a blanket and a good book!


Feeling good with teapigs –

The first thing I noticed when my selection of teas arrived was how amazing they smell! You can pick out each of the ingredients just by their distinctive scents. The packaging looks great, but the real beauty of the product is the teabag. They’re pyramid shaped, packed full with the prettiest, most colourful ingredients I’ve ever seen in a teabag!



I started off my first full teapigs day with a cup of clean ‘n green before breakfast. Usually this drink would be a sweet tea or coffee, so I was a little dubious as to whether my choice would really hit the spot. I needn’t have worried, I found it refreshing and I immediately felt healthier after drinking it. Day one, drink one was a complete success!

Out of all of the flavours the one that sounded most appealing to me was up beet, not only for its flavour but for its purpose. Working from home with two very young children to look after means that by 3pm I start flagging. I know that energy drinks and sugary snacks aren’t good for me, but that hasn’t stopped me reaching for them in the past to get through the afternoon. I absolutely love up beet! From the taste to the energy it provides, 3pm is fast becoming my favourite time of day. Dreaming of taking an afternoon nap has become a thing of the past.

The tea that sounded the least appealing to me was snooze, as much as I love the smell of lavender I wasn’t sure I would like the taste. I did however want to enjoy the benefits of it, so with my book in one hand and a mug of snooze in the other, I gave it a whirl with an open mind. Truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised! The lavender, combined with chamomile and apple tastes lush. The thing I love most about this tea, is that you’re surround by the relaxing lavender scent as you drink.



Over the past few days I’ve stuck to my new teapigs daily routine. The benefits of drinking these feel good teas, instead of consuming copious amounts of caffeine and sugar have become obvious. I no longer crave a coffee fix in the morning to help me wake up and getting through the afternoon is a breeze. I’ve also love my evening ‘me time’, with a mug of snooze in hand. I’m a total teapigs convert!


The guys over at teapigs would like to offer my readers a 15% discount on their products using the discount code TALEOFMUMMYHOOD.

Not only that, they’re also offering my readers the chance to win a selection of teapigs feel good teas, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!



Win a Selection of Three Feel Good Teas from teapigs!


*This post was written in collaboration with teapigs.

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  1. Zoe, I seem to have inherited my grandmother’s (from the Lake District) ability to handle the caffeine in tea. I drink black tea about 8 times a day, and I can drink it at night and go right to sleep. But I can’t handle the caffeine in coffee at all.

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