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You can find a health test for pretty much anything these days. Tech developments now mean that lots of tests and checks that once had to be performed by professionals can now be done on your own in the comfort of your own home. So there is no more waiting around for an appointment to see your GP! What’s more, you can now find many DIY health tests for very reasonable prices, making them even affordable to individuals who are on a tight budget.

Are you wondering which health checks are worth doing at home? Here are some that can really help you keep your health and fitness in order.

Urine Tests

Did you think that doing a urine test will only tell you whether you are pregnant or have a UTI? It can actually tell you a lot more! When we are ill, some of the earliest signs are in our urine. Carrying out a urine test will flag up whether there are any hormones or bacteria in your pee that could be a sign of a health condition. For example, certain organic matter in your urine shows that you might be suffering from a metabolic condition. Other illnesses that can be flagged up include a gluten intolerance and oxidative stress.

Blood Tests

Think you need to get your blood checked out by your doctor in a sterile surgery? Think again! You can actually buy a blood test to do yourself at home. You just need to carry out the test yourself and then send it off to one of the private labs. You will get your results back after just a couple of days! That’s a much quicker turnaround than when you get a test done by the doctor!


Lots of people regularly check their weight to see if their diet is doing any good. But it’s also important that you check your weight even if you aren’t interested in losing any extra pounds. That’s because unexplained weight loss can be a symptom of various illnesses, such as Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal disorders and hypothyroidism. So, if you do notice that you have rapidly lost some weight for no reason, it’s a good idea to seek some medical help.

Skin Checks

You should know what your moles look like on your skin and be aware of their positions. If you notice that any move or change appearance, you should get them checked out by a doctor. There are some other useful skin tests that you need to carry out as well, especially when it comes to the skin on your face. For instance, if you notice any acne around your chin and jawline, this is a sign that you have a hormone imbalance. You might want to get this checked out, as it could be a symptom of polycystic ovaries.

As you can see, you don’t always have to visit your doctor whenever you want to check your health out. There are plenty of checks and tests you can do at home!