Parents far and wide know just how tiring bringing up little humans can be.  They bring with them the most amazing yet tiring journey you will ever embark upon. I’m pretty sure that I’ve been in a constant state of tiredness since my first was born, when I look in the mirror it’s becoming increasingly obvious that my poor little eyes aren’t getting the rest they need!

After taking our little cherubs on holiday recently and returning feeling a little frazzled I decided it was time for some pampering, a little rejuvenation goes a long way.  So as part of my self care mission I teamed up with Oyster Skincare to try out their Eye Brightening Serum.  I’m determined to banish those tired eyes for good!



When my serum arrived I couldn’t wait to try it out it, it boasts so many great qualities including:

  • Helping to reduce wrinkles and crows feet – yes please!
  • Helping to lessen dark circles under the eyes – absolutely need this!
  • Contains co-enzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, pentapeptides and green tea.
  • Light on application and leaves a non-greasy feel to the skin.

The first time I tried it out I was in love! It has an aroma that’s so fresh and relaxing, that I felt its benefit before I even applied it.  The instructions advise that you apply the serum under the eyes and across the brow.  Doing exactly as I was told, I applied, sat back and relaxed!

Ok I have two under two, so this moment of calm lasted all of 30 seconds.  The serum however, did it’s job!  It made my eyes felt brighter and I instantly felt more awake.  I decided to continue my new beauty regime for one week to see if it really did make a difference.


One week later…

After using my Oyster serum for the last week, I am completely taken with it. I apply it every night before bed, a little bit of me time that after a long day of work/parenting is amazing. The bags under my eyes appear reduced, even if they are still a little dark; maybe once the kids are eighteen I’ll be back to looking youthful once again!  I love the fact that it feels light on application, my skin is naturally quite oily and so I have struggled in the past to find products that suit me.

Overall, I would recommend this Eye Brightening Serum from Oyster Skincare.  In my opinion every parent needs a little pampering and this product is perfect for unwinding and lifting your mood!

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*This is a collaborative post.