Keranique can be described as the most ideal hair treatment solution that is designed for women. The popularity of these product shampoos has been on the rise globally. The product range usually comprises of follicle boosting serum, a hair lift spray, a fortifying mousse, a volumizing conditioner, a revitalizing shampoo as well as a hair regrowth treatment that features Minoxidil. The products can be used in cleansing, conditioning, treating as well as styling hair. It is able to achieve this in an effective and gentle manner. 

How it works

Keranique products use ingredients that have been sanctioned to promote real hair progress. The Keranique system operates by utilizing 2% of fresh minoxidil in stimulating curly hair growth. In the beginning, this only triggers hair to show up but later stimulates the growth of new hair that is thicker and robust. 

The product is designed to work seamlessly with women’s biochemistry. Keranique works through the following 3-step process:


  • Keranique shampoo


It has a formula with nutritional vitamins and anti-oxidants, these are meant to provide both a relaxing effect and nourishment to curly hair. It also increases smoothness of hair, provides volume and glow.


  • Volumizing refresher


This one of a kind conditioner has a formula that provides hair with mass, volume and gentleness.


  • Hair regrowth treatment


It applies 2% of minoxidil in its systems to prevent hair problems in women.

Women With hair fall that is not acute can use the sulfate-free revitalizing shampoo as well as the sulfate-free revitalizing shampoo to make hair youthful, fuller and thicker. 

Women with severe hair issues can utilize hair regrowth treatment that has Minoxidil or even the follicle boosting serum. These products optimize the growth cycle of hair.
Keranique also has product kits that are specially designed. These deal with specific issues that are related to the hair. 


The Keranique hair treatment has 3 parts that provide numerous benefits, the main ones include the following:

• Regrows hair loss. This can help in regaining self confidence because the user will regain their good looks.

  • Reduces the signs of locks fall
  • Boosts volume level of hair and adds some luster to it. This makes hair look much healthier.
  • It can be used by any woman regardless of age or race. This means that all women that are interested can use it.
  • Every step of the Keranique system has been medically proven to properly perform as well as to deliver on all claims.
  • The conditioner and shampoo from the company do not have sulfate thus can be used even in hair that is color treated and requires special attention. Sulfates are not good for hair because brittle, dry and thin over a period of time. This sulfate is what traditional conditioners and shampoos have.
  • Its use is not associated with any side effects. This is beneficial because most of the hair products on the market today have adverse side effects to the health of the user. Keranique is therefore unique.
  • Keranique uses Minoxidil, this ingredient has been approved by the FDA with regard to treating hair loss and regrowing hair.
  • The products are very effective because they work with the biochemistry of women.


Keranique is the best solution for fighting signs of hair loss, this hair care brand has good products that enhance fullness, volume and manageability of damaged hair strands. The benefits that Keranique outweigh its price by far as clearly indicated above. This means that consumers of Keranique are guaranteed of value for their hard earned money.


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