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Hair & Beauty / Monday, April 8th, 2019

As I approach my thirties, I’ve finally worked out how to look after my skin. I know it’s something that I should always have been putting my time and effort into. Healthy skin makes a real difference to the way we all look and feel. I know from past experience that leaving my skin to its own devices makes it dull, dry and lacking that glow that makes us look and feel as healthy as possible. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to head out and not feeling your very best. That’s why, over the past few years, I’ve made it my mission to really sort out my beauty and skin care routine.

Working out what type of skin I have –

One of my worst habits over the years has been using products that aren’t designed to be used for my skin type. In fact, for a long time I wasn’t even sure what my own skin type was. So for that reason, I made it my mission to work out exactly what kind of products my skin would relate well to. Believe it or not my skin can be quite oily, but also dry and flaky at the same time. So it occurred to me that I shouldn’t be using products that are too heavy as they make my skin even more oily. I do however need something that is packed with moisture, to tackle the dry and flaky patches of skin.

Products with the right ingredients –

As well as working out what type of skin I have, I also had a good think about what kind of products I’m comfortable using. There are so many different ingredients on the market, some more appealing than others. I’m keen to use hypoallergenic products that are dermatologist-tested, I’m also keen to use gluten-free products. That why I love using the EOS Lip Balm, as it has all of these qualities. It also makes my lips feel moisturised and luscious.

In the past I’ve found it easy to buy cheap beauty and skin care products, without giving a second thought to what’s in them. The trouble is that you unless you invest in good products, you never really know what’s in them. Often they may have ingredients that are far less desirable than others.

Feeling the benefit –

Since I’ve invested time and effort into my beauty and skin care routine, I’ve been able to let my skin properly breathe for the first time. I’ve been able to feel confident in the way I look, without trying to hide my skin under layers of makeup. I’ve been able to control the shine and rid myself of an extra oily face, something that has often made me feel self-conscious. I’ve also been able to banish the dry, flaky skin that has been the bane of my life for far too long!

If you’ve been thinking about sorting out your skin care routine, then take it from me and do it now. My skin is better than it’s ever been, all down to a little self-care and using good products. Let yourself shine!


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