It’s a sad fact that a lot of us are spending most our time sitting in front of the television or on our gadgets. In fact kids are getting less exercise now than ever before, as they skip teams and sport groups in favour of playing indoors on tech devices instead.  We need to try to encourage them to take part in these sports.  Here’s why you should be signing them up today!

It ensures they have plenty of exercise.

Exercise is so important to ensure you stay in good health.  It gets the blood pumping around the body and helps your ticker to stay in good form. Without exercise, it can be hard to maintain a healthy weight, but despite how important exercise is as it says on, our kids are not getting enough.  This means they are more likely to get unhealthy.  Talk to your children about potential sports they might like to try. It might be a group like a football or netball team. Whichever one they go for, it’s bound to get them exercising at least once a week.   Encouraging them to practice at home can ensure they get plenty of exercise too.

It can boost their behaviour.

A lot of parents struggle when it comes to their kid’s behaviour.   They can easily act out and have tantrums.  Often we  feel at the end of our tether when they don’t listen.  A lot of parents recommend sending children to join some form of sports group or team, as it can often teach them discipline when they are having to listen to the instructor.  Having something to work towards can also help turn bad behaviour around. You can even get them to take part in activities at home, making it feel like they are part of a real team by getting trophies from sites like to give to your child.   Offering a reward can spur them on, encouraging them to try hard when it comes to sports.

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It can help their teamwork and communication skills.

It’s always good to try to improve your child’s teamwork skills.   It can assist them when it’s time to work in groups at school, but it can be hard to do this at home especially if they are an only child.  They will have to work with other kids to try to achieve goals. Also, if they take part in matches, they will learn how to work in a team to win the game!   Sending them to a group can help to grow their communication skills too.  They will have to communicate with team members and the instructor to ensure they get the most out of the sport.


As it says on, sports are also essential to build your child’s confidence!


*This is a collaborative post.