Summer is well and truly in full swing and with it comes the wedding season in all its glory! It’s time to ditch the jeans and adorn ourselves in pretty dresses, ready for the celebrations to commence! Since becoming a parent though, dressing for the inevitable onset of Summer weddings has become a little more difficult than it used to be. Long gone are the days when I could grab clothes off of the hanger without even trying them on! These days a bit more thought has to go into the style of dress that I choose.

Now that I have two toddlers to chase around after, the outfits that I choose have to be practical as well as pretty. A sophisticated cut and flattering colour are at the top of my tick list when it comes to adding to my wardrobe. Mummy style is nothing if not well thought out! These days my first choice is more often than not a mid-length chiffon number that nips in at the waist. I find this style to be the most comfortable and that it’s also great to hide a multitude of sins!

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I must admit though, I lose all sense of practicality when it comes to shoes. I like them pointy and I like them high. This doesn’t make running around after my girls all that easy, but a girl has to have good shoes, right? There’s  nothing better than putting on a beautiful dress and finishing off the look with some killer heels!

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I’m all about accessorising my outfits too. Practicality has to rule here too though, having children means that heading out to a wedding for the day requires taking everything but the kitchen sink! An over sized bag can still be bang on trend though, out with the clutch and in with tote!

I love to wear long necklaces with bright colours, just to add a bit of sparkle to my outfit. The best thing about a long necklace is that it keeps the littlest of brood happy at the most crucial of moments, after all no one wants to hear the wails of a baby right in the middle of the ceremony!


How has your style changed since you had children?


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