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Sleeplessness, Dancing and Buckets of Rain

Sleeplessness, Dancing and Buckets of Rain

Today has been a miserable day.  Hubs headed back to work after a few days off, leaving me to solo-parent two under two.  The rain has been torrential and the littlest of my brood refused to nap, not even a wink!

Now usually I rock parenting two so young. I’m no expert and far from perfect, but over the past two years I’ve had a lot of practice.  I’ve become adept at entertaining two children at once and I’m the master of diverting attention, to derail a tantrum hurtling towards me at full speed.  Please don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying my children don’t throw tantrums, just that I’m a quick learner and I’m all for saving myself.

Today though I found my patience wearing a little thinner than usual.  My lack of a nap time breather due to said child who doesn’t need sleep, meant I found myself mentally running for the hills.  We’ve all been there, those days when bed time feels like it won’t ever arrive.  Instead of running for the hills though, I scrabbled to get them in the car before the rain soaked us all to the skin, to get the older of our girls to dancing.

My daughter loves her dance classes, mostly because parents have to get involved.  So she’s able to laugh at my two left feet, moving incredibly un-rhythmically across the village hall. My by this point overtired and irritable second child, sat in the wings cheering us both on with her wails of displeasure at being confined to the pushchair to watch.

It’s become apparent that having two toddlers in the house means bickering is a given.  Even at their young ages they have found ways to wind each other up, they can go from best friends, to mortal enemies and back again in record time.  So our subsequent supermarket dash, saw the littlest repeatedly trying to kick her sister in the head from the trolley baby seat.  Wonderful.

However, despite the sleeplessness, dancing and buckets of rain I can’t help but feel content with our little life.  Hubs and I have created two perfect little devils, for every argument there are twice as many laughs and more love than you can measure.  As they say, the days are long but the years are short.  Things won’t be like this forever and when they change I know that there’ll be so much that I’ll miss.

If I take anything from today, it’s that being on the ball 24/7 just isn’t possible.  Raising little humans can be incredibly trying and all we can do is our best in any given situation.  I’m not going to advise that cherishing every moment is the way forward, that would definitely make you superhuman.  What I will say is that if you look hard enough, there’s often a little good in most situations and focussing on that might just get you through.


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54 Replies to “Sleeplessness, Dancing and Buckets of Rain”

  1. I’m like you and have a very close age gap – some days can be really hard but I’m so thank ful for these two – it does go so so quickly doesn’t it #blogstravaganza

  2. Hasn’t the just been horrific the last few days. Hopefully the lack of nap is just a one off and not a permanent change. I really struggled when L ditched his nap it was a big adjustment for us both #blogstravaganza

    1. It’s been so rainy up here! I’m really not looking forward to losing it altogether, but I know that time is on it’s way! Xx

  3. If you accept you can’t be on the ball every second it’s so much easier. I guess the problem is that a split second cam have massive consequences and we want to protect them, so we try to be so alert and that takes energy but we are only human. Well done for 2 under 2! #Blogstravaganza

  4. Lovely post, I need to realise I cant do everything, it is just not possible! My two are 1 and 5 and have just started fighting and winding winding other up, I dread to think what they will be like in another few years!


  5. Hope today goes better for you. We all have tough days when nothing seems to go right. Yesterday I picked up the kids from school and seemed to do nothing but nag them so I gave us all a stern talking to and reminded me and them of the importance of appreciating each other and not being annoying. Seemed to work and the rest of the afternoon went well 🙂 #blogstravaganza

  6. I’m with you on this all the the way!!! I think I pretty much rock it most of the time with the small ones, but there are always THOSE days to remind you you’re not infallible!! #Blogstravaganza

  7. Yes thats what we have to do isn’t it as parents, focus on those good little glimmers when its been a crap day. I think that is a real skill that we have and we need to celebrate it more. Well done you for getting through it and seeing that:)
    Mainy x

  8. I really agree with what you are saying. We sometimes put so much focus on the negative that we get so lost and aren’t able to pull ourselves out. Like you say, we got to zoom back out and find the little gems that make us happy and life would be so much more easy. #Blogstravaganza

  9. I love reading posts like this because I remember being a sod to my older sister (who’s 2 years older than me) but we’d go from mortal enemies to best friends in 2 seconds flat! Being a mum now I’m not sure how I’m gonna cope with 2 under 2’s! With #3 on the way it’ll certainly be an entertaining household that’s for sure. It’s great you can see the fun side of it all though. Parenting needn’t be as hard as we expect it to be! Becky x #blogstravaganza

  10. How long has your daughter been doing the dance classes? and what type do you do?
    I’m sorry you’re having a rough time at the moment hun 🙁 big hugs <3 #Blogstravaganza

  11. I used to find it when my two were much younger and when they did not nap it was not fun esp when it got to about 6 #blogstravaganza

  12. Oh, what a lovely post. Sounds like you’re doing an awesome job … even with no naptime, dancing and buckets of rain.
    Our days don’t last long enough.

  13. What a lovely positive post. I really enjoyed reading this. You’re so right, it can be hard but it won’t be forever. We describe our household as being ‘happy chaos’. Given that I miss the older two terribly when they go to school I know I want to hang on to the years and not let them canter by too quickly! There is something strangely reassuring about family dynamics, even when there is bickering involved 😉

  14. Loved this gorgeous post ? Especially the part where you say to focus on the little bit of good! I’ve been trying to do this lately and it totally changes your attitude!! Perspective is essential to parenting as if we lost it at every little spill or squabble we would drive ourselves insane! Had a wee lol at the head kicking from the baby seat hehe!!!x

  15. The bad days make us appreciate the good ones so much more! My 6 year old has been pretty devilish for the past month or so and it’s been exhausting! Today, though, she has been an angel and it’s been wonderful! #blogstravaganza

  16. I love that quote that the days are long but the years are short. It’s so true. We are just in the stage where naps are quickly disappearing and I really miss that short me time everyday. Now I just have to grab some time when I can rather than at a planned time. #blogstravaganza

  17. Mine are almost two years apart and the fighting has been constant until very recently. It’s not completely gone but they play nicely together now, some of the time at least. And solo-parenting is something I’ve done on and off over the past 6 years so yes, I know, it’s very hard. You never get a break.

  18. Mine our two years apart, they are incredibly close, but the bickering does me in at times. And yes we go in no time from best buds to mortal enemies – glad it’s not just me!

    But hats off to you. We can’t rock it all all the time, just do your best – and remember you are good enough! #blogstravaganza

  19. I have a four year age gap between mine and they have perfected winding each other up perfectly. It can sometimes be a nightmare but other days when I hear them secretly whispering to each other I love it. Not every day can be sunshine.

  20. Awwww I love this! Some days I feel like I’m struggling with just the one – hats off to you for juggling two littlies and coming out on top! This is something I need to keep in mind for those days when getting out of the house seems impossible #blogstravaganza

  21. Very true that there are days that are of wsent to try us but fortunately there are always highlights to balance out this moments! I have 4 and there are a different set of challenges at all their ages and age gaps. It’s a constant learning curve! #Blogstravaganza

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