Welcome to another instalment of my new guest series #MumisBest!  #MumisBest is all about the ever-growing SAHM/working mum debate.  I really want this series to highlight that there’s no right or wrong way, but whatever works for you and you family.  If you’d like to take part do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!  For now I will leave you in the hands of Sophie from Mama Mei!
Work at Home Mum: My struggle with being a career girl and a wannabe stay-at-home-mum.
I got pregnant with my first child during my final year at university.
I’d only been with my boyfriend a couple of months so needless to say it hadn’t been planned.
I was due to move to London as I had a work placement at The Guardian and most my freelance work was for ITN and Channel 4 News which are based near Kings Cross.
But it was whilst at the newspaper I discovered on my lunch break that I was up the duff (preggers).
So it changed everything, although I was fiercely determined to carry on working as an investigative journalist but from home in Sheffield and Wakefield (when I stayed at my boyfriend’s family home).
I had decided that I would work right up until I popped and then straight away once I’d given birth with no maternity leave.
I was sure that a baby wouldn’t change my career goals.
Oh how wrong was I?!
Even down to the labour I was still answering work calls, making sure I didn’t miss out on a story. I was obsessed about being a “success.”
But then this cute crying little blob sailed into the world.
I was smitten by my baby Jasmine.
But within weeks I was back freelancing. I felt I had to do it as I didn’t want to be forgotten.
This stubborn determination carried on for the next two years in which I completed a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and eventually secured my dream job as a broadcast journalist at the BBC.
I thought I could throw myself into it and relocate my little family to Media City in Salford where my offices were based.
I had every intention of achieving my “goals,” until I got pregnant again.
I continued to complete my training all over the country so I had the tools I needed to become a proper BBC Journalist.
But after working for a few months, I was off on maternity leave.
And everything crumbled.
I became very poorly with only a couple of months until the due date.
Luckily I gave birth to a healthy baby girl but my own health wasn’t great.
On autopilot however I was determined to return to work.
But as the my start date dawned I found myself in another hell.
A nightmare worse than my worst nightmares.
So that was the end of my career. The one good thing out of it though was that it put everything into perspective.
And whilst my daughter was in intensive care, I kept a video diary (as above) which sparked off my new journey in vlogging and blogging as well as being a stay-at-home mum.
As much as I felt happy with my decision, I couldn’t help but feel pain leaving the job I’d worked my whole life for.
My bosses had been amazing throughout but I couldn’t live with myself if I kept letting them down so I had to leave for my own sanity and to focus on my family and health.
Nowadays I’m more of a work at home mum, so I feel lucky to have the best of both worlds.
I blog, vlog at mamamei.co.uk and do PR as well as video production for evokemediagroup.co.uk
I also teach and perform bellydancing at bellydancebysophiemei.com