Becoming a mum is never easy. In fact, most women find that adjusting to life with a new baby extremely difficult. That’s why it’s important that all new mums have a support network that they can rely on. There are various people and organisations who you might want to use to make up your network, but here are a few I think will be most useful.


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Your Partner

The most important person you can have in your support network is your partner. Of course, if you live together then this should be a given. Even if you are currently separated, then you need to make sure that your partner pulls their weight, giving you and your baby the support you need.


Other relatives will be able to help you and the baby. It’s a good idea to have a chat with your closest relatives to see how they can help you out. If some of them have children of their own, they will have been in your situation before and will know just how difficult this time can be. So don’t ever be worried about approaching them for help. Many people will be happy to help you as it means they get to have some cuddles with your baby!

Family Organisations

There are a lot of organisations that have been set up, including WIC Strong, that are dedicated to helping parents and young children. Most of these will have lots of information and literature available for you to rea. Some even have useful tips and information about breastfeeding.

Family Doctor and Health Visitor

It is also necessary to regularly check in with your family doctor and health visitor once you have a baby. They will be able to examine your child to make sure they are growing and developing as they should. Don’t be worried if you ever want to call your doctor about a niggling question or worry, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Mummy Friends

Let’s not forget about all the mummy friends you may have! All of your friends who already have children will be able to give you plenty of advice. They might also be able to pass on some things that they no longer need, such as baby clothes and blankets. This will be a great help, especially as it brings down the cost that comes with a new baby!

You shouldn’t feel alone and isolated when your new baby arrives, there are plenty of people who you can turn to when you need some help!