Gone are the days when the only place to display artwork was on the fridge or a pinboard. As people get more creative about decorating the interior or their house, this extends to how family photos and children’s art is displayed. Sometimes, the pictures don’t have to be presented in their original format. If you’re looking for some decoration inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started.


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Traditional Frames

Framing photographs and certificates will never go out of style. Antique frames can add a bit of class to the family room or you can go slightly quirky by using black frames, or the colour of your choice with varying design. It looks deliberately stylish, but attractive nonetheless. You could even make the black pop by placing a few select red frames within the collection.

Plaster the Walls

The problem with frames is that when they’re hung on the walls, you have to move them around to properly clean the area. You can eliminate this inconvenience and get some cool wallpaper, by neatly taping your pictures to the walls. Protect them from messy little hands by covering the wall with a sheet of Plexiglass. If you live in rented accommodation and you don’t want to damage the walls, first put up a sheet of removable wallpaper and use this as the base for your photographs.

The Entire wall

Show your little artists how impressed you are with their work by blowing up the picture and using it to decorate a whole wall. This is a great way to decorate their bedrooms and encourage them to keep pursuing their talent!

Photo Strings

Sometimes when have a lot of small photographs, the cost of frames can easily add up. Instead, you could hang up some string in your favourite room, and use clothes pegs to display your favourite family photos, holiday snapshots or even postcards you’ve collected from your travels. Not only is this an amazing homage to your life so far, it’s easy to take the pictures down and swap them for more recent snapshots. If you don’t want to take anything down, just keep hanging up more string!

Make Photo Blocks

Your children have probably collected a lot of playing blocks during their infancy, and now they’re just gathering dust in the loft or waiting to be taken to charity. While there’s nothing wrong with this, you’re missing out on a creative photo opportunity. Not only could you use the blocks to display smaller pictures, you could also paint the blocks before you stick the photos on so they match the decor of the room. This makes displaying your photographs fun and quirky!