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Creating Magic in Childhood – An Enchanted Upbringing

Creating Magic in Childhood – An Enchanted Upbringing

I remember being a child and having the wildest imagination. I loved make believe and fairy tales, engrossing myself in tales of magical lives was my favourite thing to do. That’s why when I had our girls, I made it my mission to make sure they had an enchanted upbringing just like I did. I firmly believe that our children can learn so much through the encouragement of an active imagination. Not only that, a childhood just wouldn’t be made without a touch of magic to make it sparkle!

Now that our girls are a little older, they are showing more and more interest in fairy tales and everything that they stand for. They each have fairy doors in their rooms and have named their own fairies themselves. I adore that they believe in their fairies, but I want to make their rooms even more of a haven away from every day life. Somewhere that they can disappear to and enjoy losing themselves in their own little worlds.


A room to remember –

Since the girls love their fairy doors so much. I decided that it would be a great idea to give each of their rooms an enchanted forest theme. I’ve seen so many wall murals available on the internet that look great. The trouble is, they often arrive as individual stickers. I’m just not creative enough to be able to make them look as good as they do on the packet! So i was a little stumped, I really wanted to make their rooms into a space they will always remember.

Then I came across! They have an amazing range of wall murals that are actually wallpaper, this means I don’t have to worry about getting the stickers from standard murals in the right place! I’m so impressed with the range of murals they have too. They have a theme to suit everyone and amazingly, they also allow you to use your own images.

It goes without saying that I was immediately drawn in by the enchanted forest murals. They are so magical and exactly what I had it mind for making our girls’ rooms as special as possible. Now Hubs and i can’t wait to get started, we know they’ll absolutely love their new rooms!


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