Bargain hunters can’t get enough of free stuff. Nothing compares to the joy of getting a free sample in the mail or having the chance to try something free of charge in the store. But is there any way to make this happen more regularly for thrifty shoppers? The following are five tips to help you get more free samples of virtually everything!

  1. Contact Companies Directly

You might be surprised at how quickly companies oblige to requests from consumers asking for free samples. And if you think you’d have to do a lot and wait an extended period, you’d be wrong. You only have to contact the company directly and ask!

For the longest time, companies have sent out free samples as a means of boosting their sales. This presents a win-win situation for both parties involved. Consumers get to check out a product for free, allowing them to save money on something which they may not have a use for. Companies meanwhile, can rake in huge profits if those who received samples turn into brand advocates.

Go ahead and write your letter. You can even send an email or place a phone call. Just let them know you want free samples and the next thing you know, the company will be delivering their products right on your doorstep.

  1. Connect On Social Media

What business doesn’t leverage social media websites these days? These online platforms have proven to be an excellent marketing tool, allowing businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level. As a consumer, you just have to look for your favourite companies, like their page, and interact with the rest of the community.

It’s common for companies to hold contests such as giveaways or raffles. In most cases, you will have to share user-generated content, leave a comment, or another form of interaction on their page. There are also companies who give free samples of their products in exchange for a genuine review which you have to post on your blog or upload to YouTube.

  1. Browse Freebie Websites

Yes, there are websites where you can find free samples and all sorts of other perks! However, you must practice caution when using these websites. Not all of them are legitimate. Watch out for any website that asks for personal information before giving away samples. In most cases, you won’t even get the promised product after providing the information they requested.

You may also want to read online reviews first. This allows you to weed out the bad sites from the ones you can trust. One example of a great site is WOW FreeStuff, where you can get free coupons, products, and other offers. Other popular freebie websites include Gumtree and Offer Oasis. Always remember not to give your bank or credit card details.

  1. Watch Out For Sampling Events

Many people think that they can only get free samples from online channels. In-store deals however, can still be had to this day. You only have to quick and resourceful to be one of the few people to get free samples. Companies may organise sampling events from time to time. Be sure to keep posted about their schedule. Some even conduct freebie events weekly or monthly. This is your chance to get a hold of their products without spending a penny.

During sampling events, consumers will have the chance to get free samples of the latest products from the company. Product demonstrations are also common in these events, enticing prospective customers to make a purchase.

  1. Subscribe To Email Lists

Coupons are everywhere! But as you may know, companies tend to limit the number of coupons they give away to customers. Many send out free coupons via email marketing campaigns. For this reason, make sure you join the email list of your favourite companies. You never know when they’ll send a message to your inbox that points to a free coupon!

Sometimes, companies go the extra mile, giving you freebies on your birthday or even your sign-up anniversary! If you think this will only turn your email inbox into a mess, then consider creating a new email account just for this purpose.

It’s always exciting to get new products from your favourite brands for free. But you still need to put in some work to get free samples. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above to receive more free samples of pretty much anything under the sun!


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