Don’t take the title of this article the wrong way; painting your home green is going to have basically no effect on the environment. (Unless, of course, you’re using lead-based paint… in which case, you’re just making things worse!)

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Green of course, refers to the art of being environmentally-friendly. More and more families are taking measures to ensure their carbon footprint is as small as they can make it. Sure, it could be argued that what one family does isn’t all that effective in the grand scheme of things. But the same could be said for voting, right? What matters is the cumulative effect of several households pitching in to help the planet.

So what changes can you make in your household to help leave a better world behind for your children, their children and their children’s children? Here are a few household areas you should consider that even most green-minded families seem to ignore.



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Excessive water usage is actually one of the biggest environmental problems the world has right now. This is massively underestimated even by many of those who profess to care deeply about the environment, because there’s always this idea that water just gets recycled anyway. But the maintenance of water supplies is hugely expensive and requires a lot of power – often from renewable resources. If you take the time to learn how to make your home plumbing more efficient, you won’t only save yourself money on your water bills – you’ll also contribute to the health of the planet.

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A lot of people assume that fireplaces are worse for the environment than regular home heating, but this isn’t always the case – especially when you consider how much power is used to heat a home. If you want to use a fireplace responsibly though, you need to be careful about the wood you use. Kiln dried firewood is your best option because the amount of moisture in the wood has been reduced, which means it’s much more effective. It increases the fuel efficiency of your fire. It also means you have to use far fewer logs to get a good fire going. They can also provide a much cleaner burn, as some firewood out there is treated with harmful chemicals so that it combusts with more ease.

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Food Disposal

Recycling is present in many homes across the country and there’s no urgent need to go into the ins and outs of recycling plastic, glass, and metal here. But what about other types of recycling? We’re still sending an awful lot of waste to landfills that could easily be recycled. A huge bulk of that is food. A lot of people don’t like the idea of having a compost bin for food waste in their kitchen because it can go gross so quickly. That’s why you should just have a little one near your sink that requires emptying after just a couple of days. You can either have the compost sent away, or you can use it in your own garden. Going green is easier than you think!


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