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22 Replies to “Sports Day. I Just don’t Find Forced Competition Fun.”

  1. Funny you are writing about sports here. My husband and I just signed up our 3 and 4 year olds in a martial arts class for little kids. While we were there, one of my children kept switching her legs back and forth, I told her to lead with the “other leg” and then one of the instructors asked that we not say anything to the kids because they want them to listen to instructions coming from the instructor and not the parent so that the child stays focused on what they are learning. So I sat back and watched my girls try to follow along and the patience of the instructor and how she worked with them. I’m a mom that always wants to encourage my kids and I can be a bit too protective as well so it was strange for me to stand back and watch someone else instruct them on what to do. As parents, sometimes we just need to take a step back, let the kids learn, have fun, and sort it out for themselves. If it isn’t life-threatening or going to harm them then we don’t need to step in all the time. #Blogstravaganza

  2. Oh! I am right there with you! I’m dreading the first one to come! I hated it as a kid. Being stared at and forced to play things I didn’t want to, compete against kids I would never play with. It was in no way fun to me!
    Preach on!

  3. I am totally with you. We were invited to nursery sports day this afternoon but we made our excuses and didn’t bother. It is not because I don’t like sport, I absolutely do. It is more because Cygnet doesn’t really like instruction, probably wouldn’t join in and would insist on doing his own thing anyway. Maybe things will change, I am sure he will get more into it, I doubt I will though. Pen x #blogstravaganza

  4. We haven’t had a sports day yet and I’m quite excited about the day I get to go. I do understand what your saying, as parents we need to set an example and if we’re bickering over chairs, well it’s not a good start. There’s no need for it. I hope when I go I just cheer for my children and help them understand that it was OK not to win, and help them learn they need to practise. I have seen some videos on social media which make me cringe as to how competitive parents can get. #Blogstravaganza

  5. I loved sports day at my first primary school but hated it at the middle school I moved to and it was even worse at high school. I think if it’s done right it can be fun for the kids. My good memories aren’t of winning or losing but of having fun in the sunshine with my friends and getting weak orange squash, yuk, and an ice cream, yum afterwards. My bad memories are of being bored, embarrassed and basically becoming a target for all the bullies and not because I wasn’t winning, I was forced to to the sprint and relay as they knew I would win and I did (lord knows how, couldn’t do it now). Did sports day teach me anything, that kids are mean and running in the blazing heat sucks, well I knew that anyway. I don’t blame you for hating it, not at all. #blogstravaganza

  6. Urgh I hated sports day as a kid and have the same opinion as you. I get that it can be good to understand the world is a competitive place – and I do have a competitive streak – just not in front of everyone in the heat of summer jumping hurdles with my short legs. My kids enjoyed it more than me – and I think it hasn’t done them any harm – but I still die a bit inside every time I remember taking part. xx

  7. Oh Zoe I really feel for you, I would hate this too. There’s just no need. Our preschool don’t do sports day at all, they just have a general end of year celebration. For my older boys, they do have a sports day but they ‘compete’ in teams of mixed age children from Reception through to Year 6. I have never seen a sports day like it but they all just enjoy and encourage each other. They move between different activities, from running buckets of water between two tubs, to hula-hoop, to bouncing bean bags. The parents mingle among them, no sense of winners or losers, and we all have a big picnic together at lunch time, much like a party really. I love it and so do the children. But if it was competitive and parents got involved with that side? Firstly they would be told off by the Head, but secondly I’m not sure I would be able to stomach it. I hope that perhaps over time your daughter’s school sports day will evolve, or the competitive parents will move along or rethink their behaviour. In the meantime, I’m glad that she enjoyed herself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts lovely #Blogstravaganza host 🙂 xx

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