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Fuel your Child’s Love of Reading with Room to Grow!

Fuel your Child’s Love of Reading with Room to Grow!

I’ve always loved reading. Even from a very young age, I would snuggle in my reading corner and get through book after book. As a child I was a huge fan of the Jacqueline Wilson books and of course Harry Potter! Even today, I find reading one of the most relaxing things to do when I need a little time out.

So far, our girls have inherited my love of reading. They adore story time and it really settles them down before bed. We have a huge library for them to get through, which I began adding to as soon as we found out I was pregnant with our eldest! We like to made reading a fun thing to do, so that both girls continue to enjoy their books. I have so many more reads for them to enjoy as they get older!


Making Reading Fun



With our love of reading in mind, this week I’ve teamed up with Room to Grow to share a fabulous competition with you. One that will leave your little bookworms wanting to read more and more!  Room to Grow have partnered with Tidy Books and are giving away two of their personalised bunk bed buddies. They’re available in a variety of colours to suit any room style and they can also be personalised, making them even more fun for your littles!

Room to Grow’s Tidy Books competition is a fabulous way to raise awareness around the importance of reading with our children. Not only does the product look great, it also serves a very important purpose. Developing a genuine love for reading from a young age, can only set our children in good stead for the future! The bunk buddies are a great way for our children to read independently too, it allows them to store their favourite books all in one place, giving them loads of choice when they feel like settling down to read!


*This is a collaborative post.

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