*We were gifted tickets for this show in return for an honest review.


Wallace and Gromit is one of those animations that everyone is familiar with. It’s funny, easy to watch and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I remember watching Wallace and Gromit when I was growing up and now our girls watch the same episodes that I did! When Carrot Products got in touch to see if we would like to work with them on their Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels Tour, I knew it would be something we could enjoy as a family. The beauty of Carrot Productions is that their shows are accompanied by a live orchestra and so we really couldn’t say no.

We have worked with Carrot Products previously on The Snowman Tour, so we knew before we arrived that the show would be one to remember. The animations are shown on a big screen, with bold, beautiful colours that grab the attention of the audience. Then the orchestra lights up and everyone is thrown into a world of music, it’s just incredible!

Wallace and Gromit’s Musical Marvels –

We were invited to be part of the audience during the Sheffield City Hall performance, which meant that we also spent an afternoon in Sheffield centre. We wandered through the Winter Gardens and through the Peace Gardens, it was the first time the girls had been into the city so this was another treat for them. It’s always a pleasure to visit Sheffield City Hall, it’s a grand building that makes you feel the atmosphere of the theatre as soon as you step over the threshold.

The show began with the presenter making the audience laugh, as he was ‘late’ onto the stage. Laughing within the first five minutes is always a good sign! I love that Carrot Products always take the time to introduce each instrumental group, so that the audience can appreciate the sounds and the talents of the musicians on stage. It’s such a treat for the girls to see talent on this scale.

The presenter and members of the orchestra all had fabulous Wallace and Gromit related costumes, one guy had a hat of cheese which the girls thought was hilarious! He also made the show interactive by getting the audience involved with the songs. A particular favourite was Bohemian Rhapsody – one for the adults in the audience! A well as Musical Marvels, this production also included The Wrong Trousers, a Wallace and Gromit classic that entertained everyone.

As ever, Carrot Products have manage to surprise, fascinate and entertain with their adaptation of these Wallace and Gromit pieces. The orchestral accompaniment is an amazing sight and one that could never get old. We’re honoured to have been invited and loved every single second. Thankyou Carrot Productions!