I love the zoo, it’s always been one of my favourite things to do even before I had children. Now that I have two girls, I certainly don’t take any persuading if a trip to the zoo is on the cards. So when we were given the chance to take our girls to Chester Zoo for the day, I literally jumped at the chance!

We were all super excited on the morning of our trip. With Hubs singing ‘We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo’ and the girls raring to go, I packed up a picnic and we headed off. We were really lucky on the journey as both girls had a little nap, there’s nothing worse than a tired toddler combo when you’re off out. When we arrived in Chester, they were rested and ready to go!


As we headed through the gates of the zoo, we were greeted by a lovely lady who gave the girls a bag full of goodies which absolutely made their day. I still find the biggest walking around with her Chester Zoo bag over her shoulder! The eldest of our girls is a huge fan of elephants and as we walked into the park they were ready and waiting for her just around the corner, she was in awe of them – especially the baby elephants who were so cute!


One of the highlights of my day was walking through the butterfly house. It has a free flight zone with the most beautiful, big butterflies I’ve ever seen. As we were walking through, a vibrant blue butterfly landed on J’s coat and sat there happily as we made our way through the house. It really was amazing to see! Soon after we went into the free flight area in the bat cave which was also great fun, we had to do so much ducking and diving as the bats darted around our heads!


Both of our girls were in their element as we made our way to the PLAY! zones at Chester Zoo. The main play area was amazing for the kids to burn off a little energy! The zoo also has smaller play areas dotted around the park, adding more entertainment for them along the way.


We had the best time at Chester Zoo, it was amazing to see our children enjoying themselves so much as they took in all of the amazing sights. If you’re thinking of heading to a zoo this Summer, we can’t recommend Chester enough! It really was the perfect family outing and we will definitely be returning, thankyou Chester Zoo!

*We were given entry to Chester Zoo in return for our honest opinion of the day. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.