*This post was written in collaboration with the Independent Pharmacy. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post does not contain professional medical advice. If you have any medical problems you should always consult a professional. 


Before we had children, I must admit that our medicine cupboard was very bare. If Hubs and I ever became unwell, it would result in one of us doing a mad dash to the local pharmacy to pick up what we need. Now that we have two girls though, I couldn’t imagine not having a selection of medical essentials to hand. When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I made a list of everything we would need. I put it all together in our medicine cupboard so that if we needed anything, at anytime, it was there!

I’m so glad I did this too, as even though we are very lucky to have two healthy girls, there have still been times when they’ve needed medicine quickly. The worst time this happened was just before the biggest’s second birthday, we were on holiday and she took a tumble on the tots play area. Luckily I was prepared with ibuprofen and paracetamol, to keep her comfortable until we arrived at hospital. As it turned out, she had fractured a bone in her leg, so being able to give her pain relief quickly made a huge difference to her.


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Ever since that very traumatic time, I’m even more prepared when it comes to medical essentials. If we start getting low on anything I’ve found that ordering online is a really easy and convenient way to stay stocked up.

Here are a list of our must have’s for kids;

Ibuprofen –

I always keep a bottle in the house and in my hand bag. As it’s an anti-inflammatory it’s great for bumps, bangs and swellings. As it can be taken alongside paracetamol too, I think it’s a great way of helping to keep their temperature down when it’s a little too high. I give it them intermittently, to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Paracetamol –

Carrying paracetamol is so handy. From small accidents to minor illness and high temperatures to snotty noses, a dose of this can be a real help!

Thermometer –

I really worry when our girls get a high temperature and I admit that I check it far too often, until it starts to come back down again. So having a thermometer in the house is a must. It’s good to know where they’re at and if they are comfortable!

Sterile fluid and plasters –

These are essentials that I keep at home and in the car! With two toddlers, bumps and scrapes are a regular occurrence. I think plasters are a really good thing to help kids feel better and to keep cuts clean. We definitely couldn’t be without a good stock of these!


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