*#ad – We were gifted a #SNAPSTAR gift set for the purpose of this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


#SNAPSTAR are the dolls that every young girl wants to get their hands on. They’re all about beauty, music, fashion, photography and design. They are influencer dolls and they know what’s hot and what’s not! Our girls love their dolls, but #SNAPSTAR are something else. They’re modern, cool and offer our girls hours of fun! You can pre-order now exclusively at Smyths and these dolls will be in stock from May 20th. You can check online or in your local store for more details.

Who are the #SNAPSTAR Dolls?

They are the bloggers, vloggers and selfie takers that everyone loves. They each have different characters to suit each member of their audience. Each of the dolls have different passions too, including travel, the environment and interior design. There really is a #SNAPSTAR doll for everyone! Here’s a little look into each #SNAPSTAR personality we received;

Aspen –

This doll has a lively character, one that makes us think she’s always on the go. She loves to travel and wants to take her follower along for the ride. This doll is also an interior design enthusiast – collecting treasures to put on show from all over the world!

Izzy –

This girl is green! She’s into the environment and is passionate about recycling. She’s a crafter and she doesn’t let any material go to waste!

Echo –

The easiest going of all the #SNAPSTAR dolls. She’s a hair and make-up pro and it’s her make-up tutorials that have made her into a social media star!


One of the best things about the #SNAPSTAR range is the STUDIO APP that runs alongside it. This app lets you customise the way each of the dolls look, by changing their make-up, hairstyle and even the colour of their eyes. You can also change the accessories each doll wears and add different background to the images, creating the perfect photo shoot. The app is available to download on both Android and iOS. It’s super simple to use, our girls have loved changing the look of their dolls both physically and virtually.

The verdict –

These dolls are have definitely been a huge hit in our house. Both girls love that you can swap and change the way the dolls looks, even down to their hairstyles. What I love most about the #SNAPSTAR range is that these products have so many different dimensions. They can create different looks, set up a photo shoot, swap and change accessories and even move to the app when they feel like doing something a little different. I’m not exaggerating when I say that both of our girls have already had hours of fun with their #SNAPSTAR gift set. It’s make buying for special occasions much easier for us too, as adding to their collection is sure to put a smile on their faces.