Everyone needs their own space, including children. Even if your kids have to share a bedroom, they can still have their own private space to enjoy. Some children’s bedrooms can seem a little dull if you don’t think much about how to decorate them. If you get creative, you can make them much more interesting for your kids.

Get Colourful

Any kid’s bedroom should be colourful, whether you go with soft pastels or bolder shades. It makes a room brighter and more cheerful, and perfect for children. When you’re designing a kid’s room, think about different ways to introduce colour.

Make It Playful

A child’s bedroom shouldn’t be boring and look like it’s an ordinary adult’s room or guest room. It should have fun elements that your child can enjoy. While you don’t want them playing all night, you can still include some playful things, like bunk beds or a play tent.

Let Kids Have Their Say

Of course, if you’re designing a bedroom for a child, they should get to express their opinion. You might not give them full control, but you should still ask them what they think and what they want to include. It’s their bedroom, after all.

Think of Favourite Fiction

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a child’s bedroom, you can do well by thinking about books and movies your child loves. You don’t necessarily need to pick a specific character. It could be a theme, like pirates, magic or fairy tales that your child loves to read about.


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*This is a collaborative post.