*We were gifted a Pop Pop Surprise bundle for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Collectable toys have become very popular recently. Ever since our girls started school, they’ve developed even more of an interest in products like this, they love to compare notes with their little friends! Since they’re a fan of collectable toys, they were very excited to be asked to try out Pop Pop Hair Surprise.

What’s in the box?

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is package that is full of fun for little people. The funky character doubles up a brush, inside this brush is your hair pet and a water spray. Once you have opened up the brush, you’ll find your character tucked away inside. There are mini pets too and these double up as a pencil topper! You can unwind the hair of your pet, spray it, brush it and style it with the bands and clips that you’ll find inside.

The verdict –

Pop Pop Hair Surprise has gone down a treat in this house! Their bright colours, long hair and super cool characters are great for kick starting the imaginations of children. Our girls particularly loved that you could spray the pet and style the hair with bands and clips. The pets can be used as bobble so that the brightly colour hair can worn. Something that both girls thoughts was fabulous!

Overall, Pop Pop Hair Surprise has been a hit. They make fun toys and the fact that they’re collectable means there are more to buy as birthday gifts, treats and stocking fillers!