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When planning your baby’s nursery, the majority of your focus will – quite rightly – be on what the baby needs. You’ll spend hours hunting down the right crib, looking for a stimulating mobile, and making sure you can clean up every spill and nappy change in seconds thanks to everything being to hand.

All of the above is well and good, a normal concern for the expectant parent – but have you given much thought to what you as a Mum might need in the nursery?

Why Do Mums Need To Think About What They Need?

It might go a little outside of conventional thinking, which rightly prioritises the baby – but let’s be clear: the things you should think about as a Mum aren’t a replacement for your baby’s needs. Of course not; that would be ridiculous and no one would ever design a nursery with only Mum in mind!

The needs of Mum should be factored in because, frankly, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in that nursery. It’s probably where you are going to do the majority of feeding, for example. It’s definitely where you’re going to sit night after night, watching your baby sleep and wondering how something so precious could have come into your world. It might be the baby’s room, but it needs to be functional for you too.

What Sort Of Things Do Mums’ Need In A Nursery?

The foremost concern should be one of practicality. These are the items that are going to make caring for your baby easier.

A steady supply of nappies for your changing table is an essential, along with various wet wipes and creams. You should also add in at least a few changes of clothes for both you and the baby; accidents do happen after all!

From that point onwards, you can look towards comfort. You’ll find that tub chairs, with their supportive arms, are really useful when it comes to feeding. Holding your baby up can be tiring, especially if it’s the middle of the night, so every little helps in that regard! You’re also going to want to invest in soft furnishings that will feel comforting and pleasant to be around; a few cushions, a nice rug. This is a room you’ll spend a lot of time in – so don’t be afraid to make sure it’s sumptuous.

What If You Can’t Fit Everything In?

If you have a small nursery, then you might not be able to fit everything into it – which, while not ideal, doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

Storage is always essential in a nursery. It helps parents have everything on hand when they need it, be it a change of clothes for baby or a phone charger so they have something to read after their baby accidentally falls asleep on them. If you don’t have a lot of floor space for storage, then look for shelves or storage cubes which can increase the capacity of your room hugely. This should mean no long trips to the bathroom to retrieve something; you can just have it all on hand, making life easier for Mum, baby, and everyone else!


*This is a collaborative post.