After a few months in hiding (during a season where it was supposed to be out in full view!), the sun is starting to really make its presence known. It’s about this time that parents start to turn more of their attention to the garden. Not just for their own pleasure, of course, but as an outdoor area for their kids to enjoy.

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We want to ensure our kids get out more often, right? Well, what better way to encourage this that to ensure they have a fun area to explore and play in just beyond the back door of their home? Making sure your yard is a child-friendly and fun as possible is definitely one of the best ways to get them running around, exercising both their muscles and their imaginations.

So how do we make a garden that’s perfect for kids? Here are some of the ways you can do it without breaking the bank in the process.


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Make it Neat and Safe

One of the key elements on any area in which children are going to be spending substantial amounts of time? Safety. If you want kids to be as safe as possible, then you need to ensure that the garden is devoid of as much danger as possible. Of course, it also has to be kept neat; after all, long, unkempt grass could be hiding a variety of dangers. You can make sure its kept mown, or even check out the ultimate guide to artificial grass if you think this would make things simpler. This could be a great solution if you don’t have much grass in the garden, as grass helps encourage play and keeps the ground cushioned!

As for safety measures, there are more than you might have thought. You should avoid water features, especially if your children are very young. The plants you have in your garden also matter, as some of them are dangerous. Speaking about plants…


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Get a vegetable garden going

One of the best ways to get your kids really invested in the garden is to grow vegetables together. (Sure, you could grow fruits instead, but they tend to take quite a bit longer!)

You may think that children wouldn’t be that much interested in exercising their green fingers. They may even balk at the idea if you present it to them! But why not bring them along as you get started and explain how much good this can do. Children will be more interested in growing things than you might think. Seeing the eventual reward on their dinner plate will definitely help them appreciate this area of the garden much more, and it may even teach them important life skills!

Add play facilities

When people think of play facilities in their garden, they may think of things that are very elaborate and expensive. But it really needn’t be! Instead of getting a swing set, consider building a swing from a branch available in the garden. (Even if you don’t have a branch, swing sets aren’t quite as expensive as people think!) Having soccer goals and basketball hoops in the garden also help promote exercise, though you’ll need to ensure balls don’t go into your neighbour’s gardens!


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