There are several things to consider when you have one or several little ones running around. One thing parents always think about is their children’s bedrooms. Do they sleep comfortably in their beds? Do they even like their bedrooms? We often think about the colour of the walls, the décor and the furniture as we try to shape rooms that inspire our kids to be creative, expressive and comfortable. One part of our children’s bedrooms that probably gets a little less consideration is the floor. Imagine the possibilities of brightening up your children’s rooms with some gorgeous new carpets. I can’t say carpeting has ever been one of my strong suits, so I have been working with Surefit Carpets to get some reliable information on what the perfect new carpet for my kids’ room would be.


Child Friendly Carpets

I know how scary ‘new carpet’ sounds in relation to children as they are reliably messy. We can’t always be on top of ensuring they don’t get their chocolate stained fingers stuck in their carpets or that they remove their mud-stained playground boots before going into their bedrooms. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t spruce up their floors though. I’ve discovered Smartstrand Carpets and they are known to be resilient against the strongest of forces – kids and pets. They also come in a range of colours, perfect for all kinds of bedroom designs while being as soft as ever. These carpets are perfect for children of all ages and minimise the worry of unforgiving stains.


What Makes the Perfect Floor?

If your kids are a little older, tidier and have finally stopped taking food and mud into their rooms then you may not feel need for the ever-durable SmartStrand range. You can explore the widest range of carpets motivated by your child’s personality and aesthetic style. The carpet can say as much about your child’s personality as the colour of their walls or the toys they play with. It would be an empowering experience for your children to collaborate (if possible) with them on what kind of style they would want. The most important factor could be the vibrant patterning or the soft texture. This will be of importance to the littler ones too who will be drawn to specific colours and materials as they crawl, walk and run around their rooms. The right colours and textures would be great for your children’s sensory needs, productivity and behaviour.


The idea of carpeting any room can be overwhelming – especially when you have children to consider. This is true for any renovation or designs you apply to your home. Get some reliable advice, information and estimations from people who actually know what they are doing. It could save you some time and money and the final product would be something you and your family would truly be proud of. Warm your children’s bedrooms with a little softness and colour – not just on the walls and furniture, but the floor too.



*This is a collaborative post.