*This is a collaborative post. 

Our girls love to craft, especially during the cold season. When the weather is too miserable to be out all day, we get out everything from glitter to paint and craft the afternoon away. When the holiday season comes around, it gives us even more of an excuse to get the sparkle out. So, with Christmas just around the corner I thought I’d share our favourite foundation stage Christmas crafts with you. Easy, cheap and fun!

Baubles for the tree –

There are many ways to create homemade Christmas tree baubles, most of them super simple. I usually buy the polystyrene balls, give the girls a tube of glue and let them loose! They add pompoms, glitter, feathers and so much more. We put them on our tree and get them out every year. It’s a great way to create memories that the kids can look back on each Christmas.

Jam jar snow globe –

Once you have your hands on an empty jam jar, remove the label and give it a good clean. Glue a small festive toy onto the inside of the lid and fill the jar with water, glitter and anything else that will look pretty floating around the toy. Screw the lid on tightly, give it a shake and watch the snow fall!

Santa stop here sign –

This one requires a little adult help to create the basic wooden sign to stick into the garden. Once this is done, we use Rainbow Chalk to draw festive pictures on our signs and to scrawl ‘SANTA STOP HERE’ for all to see! Rainbow Chalk comes in paint tins and in liquid pens all in vibrant colours, ideal for the season.

Paper plate Christmas tree –

This is a huge hit in our house. All you have to do is cut a paper plate into three triangles, rather like three slices of pizza! Then, placing one on top of the other, glue them into the shape of a Christmas tree. These make ideal garlands if you attach them together using a piece of twine.