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Elf and Seek – Advent Fun from The Little Treats Bakery!

Elf and Seek – Advent Fun from The Little Treats Bakery!

As far back as I can remember, advent has been celebrated with a chocolate calendar. A small square of chocolate each morning, that we rushed downstairs to eat before breakfast! I love advent calendars and since Hubs and I children, they’ve been an absolute must for the festive season.  This year though advent will be even more fun, as we’ve been asked to try out the Elf and Seek festive countdown from The Little Treats Bakery!

The Elf and Seek festive countdown box comes with twenty-four, individually wrapped gingerbread elves. The elves are to be hidden around the house on the countdown to Christmas, ready to be found by our super excited children! I think it’s a fabulous idea and I couldn’t wait to hide a few around the house, as a little practice run before the festivities begin.



Elf and Seek, with Gingerbread Treats!


When our Elf and Seek box arrived, Hubs and I had great fun getting creative with hiding places for them. After our girls had woken up, we showed them a picture of what they needed to find, hidden somewhere in the room. Our eldest took the challenge on with might and was determined to claim her elf. Our littlest followed her sister to and fro, they had a real ball and were so excited all the way through!



It was the biggest who found the first elf, with a triumphant ‘I did it’! She was so proud of herself and it was obvious Elf and Seek had been an absolute hit. The littlest wasn’t far behind and we had two girls who were both ecstatic with their finds! They sat and enjoyed their gingerbread elves with a cup of milk and the perfect morning was had by all.



The Verdict


Elf and Seek has been a complete success in our house. The girls loved the fun and excitement that came with searching for their treats, not to mention how good they tasted once they’d found them. Hubs and I were also really impressed by the concept and by the quality of the product. Most of us are aware of the ‘advent calendar’ taste of the chocolate in the more traditional calendars, but this product really is yummy. Elf and Seek is sure to be a regular feature in our house each time the festive period comes around!


The Little Treats Bakery


As well as the Elf and Seek box, The Little Treats Bakery also sent us a selection of their other festive treats including shortbread and gingerbread. All of our goodies came packaged so beautifully in a festive hamper. Attention to detail is a real strong point at The Little Treats Bakery, everything looks so pretty! However, the proof is in the pudding as they say and this is something that they’re also getting absolutely right!



As well as the extra treats we received, there was also a notebook, post-it notes and a stocking cutter so we can make our own festive biscuits come Christmas. As a blogger, the notebook and sticky notes will get so much use!



Overall, Hubs and I could not be more impressed with The Little Treats Bakery as well as Elf and Seek. We will definitely be ordering again next year, we have a new Christmas tradition to keep up with!


If you would like the chance to win your own Elf and Seek festive countdown box, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do check out the terms and conditions…good luck!


Win an Elf and Seek Festive Countdown Box

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